'Killer Milk' news headlines

ARMM statistics show that we have visitors from many countries like the USA and Canada on our Facebook Page and website, who may not know our history.  In light of this, here is some information and links about these articles that appeared in our mainstream media late last year and some of their consequences.

Support Michael Schmidt and Food Freedom

We've seen many recent news articles written about Michael and the Glencolton farm share holders, around their fight for Food Freedom and Raw Milk. They have been accused of, harassed and charged with many things, and some news articles have told a very one sided, biased version.  Now listen to Michael tell their compelling side of the story in this press conference...

Posted on December 5, 2015 and filed under Raw Milk.

'It's not illegal to drink Raw Milk.' Michael Schmidt renews campaign

What’s white and illegal and the subject of government raids? It’s raw milk — unpasteurized — straight from the farm to your table.

For more than two decades, Michael Schmidt has been fighting the Ontario government — and others across the country — for the right to sell raw milk...

Posted on November 26, 2015 and filed under Raw Milk.

Research project: Not for human consumption: The Risky Business of Raw Milk

Penny Wilson is a PhD student at ANU in Canberra looking at raw milk in Australia. She is interviewing people who drink it, who have drunk it and those who are or were producing raw milk. She's currently interviewing producers and drinkers in the region around Canberra and the surrounding NSW districts...

Raw Milk Symposium 2015

For consumers, legislators and regulators.  Find out why raw milk demand is growing at 25% per year.

CALIFORNIA – Raw milk advocates will meet Nov. 16 at the International Raw Milk Symposium in Anaheim, Calif. The Raw Milk Symposium will take place on the last day of the International Wise Traditions Conference...

Survey: Food handling practices of Australian raw cow's milk drinkers

An investigation into the food handling practices of raw cow's milk drinkers

Roselyn Leclair is a PhD student researcher at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn, Victoria. Her project is titled, ‘An investigation into the food handling practices of raw milk drinkers’ and aims to develop an understanding of how consumer food handling practices impact on the microbial quality of raw milk. 

Posted on November 13, 2015 and filed under Health and Research.

Raw milk: legalise and regulate in Australia using world best practice

Australia needs to modernise its dairy food regulations to legalise and regulate the sale of safe raw milk to satisfy the existing consumer demand. The recent punitive measures taken by state governments against dairy farmers to prevent the sale of raw milk are counter-productive and will encourage a black market with its inherent problems...

Mark McAfee article in The Weekly Times!

Raw Milk enthusiasts, we've got great news!

Today, The Weekly Times wrote an article about Mark McAfee's recent visit to Australia.  Simone Smith wrote a great piece, even mentioning the Australian Raw Milk Movement!...

Urgent lobbying of State Health Ministers

We understand that the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation will meet on Friday November 20.

According to ABC online news, Health Ministers are considering a 'crackdown' on raw milk. Most States are represented by their Health Ministers at Forum meetings...

Microphotography of Raw & Processed Milk

The following information was taken from a study into the microphotography of Raw and Processed Milk.  The purpose of the pilot study was to examine the whole milk - raw and processed - to look for any differences in its colloidal structure that can be seen using an optical microscope...

First Blog post!

Hi, RAW MILK enthusiasts, we have certainly come a long way since Jane Garrett - Member for Brunswick ordered that there be a gagging agent added to our Raw Milk from 1 February 2015 here in Victoria.  The Australian Raw Milk Movement was formed from a group of consumers and producers concerned about the erosion of our right to consume safe raw milk.  We have over 4500 signatures on our Change.org petition, our Facebook Page have nearly 4500 Likes and our YouTube channel have over 3500 views.