Seeking solutions for the Australian dairy industry

Some very interesting information has come to light due to the Senate Inquiry into the Australian dairy industry. ARMM hopes this information will be of benefit in the process to more awareness.

Protective Components in Tasmanian devil milk fight superbugs

Researchers believe the milk of the Tasmanian devil can hold the key to fighting drug-resistant bacteria. This milk builds a strong immune system that protects the joeys from infection and pathogens. 

The Value of Traditional Raw Milk Cheeses

The Microbiology of Raw Milk demonstrates that traditional cheesemaking methods with natural microbial diversity are indeed much safer. Rather than subverting modern food safety targets, this approach may actually help cheese producers to achieve them. 


The Calf at Foot Dairy - Suffolk

At this small boutique dairy, animal welfare and producing real food with compassion is high on the list. Owner Fiona Provan has realised her vision for compassionate, sustainable dairy farming. This unique model is made possible by the high value of RAW MILK in the UK.

Melbourne is food allergies capital of the world?

... and Victoria is the state with the most draconian anti-raw milk regulation? It is also the state crying out the most for access to raw cow's milk for human consumption. And it is the state where dairy farmers are most in debt and despair due to the dairy crisis! 

Raw Milk in Hertfordshire

Raw milk has become a lifeline to farms in Hertfordshire that, without selling it, might otherwise go out of business. The Raw Milk revolution have given these dairy farmers an avenue to diversify in order to survive and some of them seem to thrive.