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Ahimsa milk and the Hare Krishna

Ahimsa dairy hails from a culture that reveres the cow as sacred. Forget politics, what the world needs now is a revolution in consciousness. 

Australian Raw dairy farmer fined $50,000+

One of Australia's most ethical dairy farmers have been saddled with fines more than $50,000. What could possibly have justified such excessiveness and high-handedness and is it fair? 

Soil ecology and nutrient-dense food

"Most of the diseases are nutritionally related to the fact that we don't have the trace elements in our bodies that we need for our immune systems to work. The reasons why we don't have the trace elements is because our soils are not functioning anymore..." 

A turning point for Canadian Raw Milk supporters?

Canadian Raw Milk supporters are going back to court for the most crucial hearing in 23 years. Learn why these farmers are so passionate about their right to produce this valuable food.

Fair Regulations and Production Standards for Raw Milk

Consumers compare dignified systems supporting family farmers overseas to the absurd behaviours seen here. Rules should focus on creating quality control, not on regulating the raw product out of viability.