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Vegan Resources and Raw Milk

The following is a list of resources that may interest vegans who have an interest in raw drinking milk. We understand the diverse ethical reasons why many vegans wish to avoid dairy, and why they tend to have a dislike for intense animal agriculture. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that overseas many ex-vegans and millennials are now raw milk producers. People who were once disconnected from farming, and different farming practices, are finding their way to raw dairy. They are developing a unique understanding about the benefits of nutrient-dense foods and pasture-raised animal products, and why they are so desirable. These articles explore the diverse dynamics around raw dairy that may interest vegans.

We also cannot ignore the fact that many vegans are finding their health falling apart, and that raw milk producers overseas are increasingly being contacted by ex-vegans who want to purchase their pasture-raised raw dairy products, due to due health problems, malnutrition and nutrient-deficiencies (as the ex-vegans report). Vegans may initially enjoy the detoxifying benefits of the vegan diet, but some eventually find it unsustainable for long term health. We are experiencing a farming and consumer values revolution.

In addition, raw drinking milk production entails a great focus on the health and welfare of the animals,

otherwise the animals will not produce raw dairy that is suitable for human consumption. Overseas examples show that calves in some raw dairies enjoy a different life than those in industrial dairy systems. When regenerative farming methods are applied, farmers can grow more nutrient-dense pasture, resulting in more milk and a higher quality milk. It can become more viable for dairy farmers to keep the calves with their mothers and to share the milk between calf and humans. When a system is developed on farm that keeps calves with their mothers on mother’s milk in the early days, they are more content and healthier, which creates a more robust animal to join the milking herd in the future. Raw dairies are able to convert to a set of more holistic farming practices, that benefits the health of the environment, the animals and people, if they choose to. It’s always up to the individual dairy farmer, and also to the consumer to encourage or not.

Experience shows that when consumers can interact directly with dairy farmers, farmers are often questioned about farming practices. In these interactions, farmers often find consumers who are willing to pay extra for the product if farmers farm differently, and more in accordance with consumer preference. Both parties get their needs met. This is a complex social issue that cannot be described in four paragraphs, which is why the list of articles below were compiled:


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