2019 Articles about Raw Milk

The following are lists of raw milk articles published in 2019. These help build a stronger case for the profitability and viability of creating a raw milk industry for Australia.

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UK Raw Milk Articles:

Customers flocking to village dairy to buy raw milk from a vending machine - 21 June

Fresh milk direct from Surrey’s cows - 21 Jun

Innovative young farmer transforms horsebox into UK’s first mobile milk vending machine - 3 Jun

New cafe and shop opens offering a slice of The Good Life - 21 May

Raw power straight from the cow - 16 May

Co-ops are good for our mental health and our community - 21 Apr

How award-winning brie is made in dairy’s new cheese building - 20 Apr

Fen Farm Dairy picks up another prestigious award - 16 Apr

Somerset farmers to be made ‘homeless’ by council farm sale - 16 Apr

Somerset farmers set to become homeless following council sale - 15 Apr

A visit to Fen Farm Dairy - 12 Apr

Lingohack - the popularity of raw milk - 10 Apr

The British farmers producing top quality food and taking on intensive farming – and veganism - 6 Apr

Where can you buy raw milk in Norfolk? - 5 Apr

Royal Approval

Fen Farm Dairy Entrepreneur of the Year Award Speech - 5 Apr

Another raw milk vending machine diversification success. - 4 Apr

Fen Farm Dairy – Best Rural Manufacturing Business Winner - 2 Apr

What’s so special about raw milk? - 28 Mar

Save Scotland's farmhouse cheese - 28 Mar

Peak district dairy farmers - 20 Mar

Dairy special: Help for raw milk producers as popularity increases in UK - 22 Mar

Dairy farmers form producers association to ensure new raw milk controls are fair - 6 Mar

Farmers club together to protect raw milk sales - 1 Mar

Food Standards Agency launches consultation on raw milk after popularity surge - 20 Feb

Enhanced controls for raw milk production (England & Wales)

‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 30 – Jonny Crickmore - 11 Feb

Tall Grass Grazing and the Future of Livestock Farming - 11 Feb

The Ethical Dairy interview - 3 Feb

Raw milk dairy announces plans for a new cafe, ice cream and cheese this year - 15 Jan