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Resources for the Immune Compromised regarding raw drinking milk

It is very important to take note that raw drinking milk is a niche product and may not be suitable for everyone. Some authorities strongly advise that it should not be consumed by children, pregnant women, older people or those who are unwell or have chronic illness. Some Immune compromised people may wish to understand why they are warned about consuming raw drinking milk in regulated raw milk systems. These individuals may need to do a lot of research, starting with learning What is Raw Milk? and then Exploring the Raw Milk Controversy, and the other articles listed below.

Many urban Australians live their lives removed from the farm and have no opportunity to learn what raw milk really is. The disconnect between farmer and consumer in this country is huge. Many perhaps also have no idea that there are different kinds of raw milk, and that regulated raw drinking milk can be produced as a low-risk food. No food can be produced 100% safe though.

Raw dairy can be problematic for some urban Australians because they are often removed from a source of abundant, diverse-species beneficial microbes. The reason why authorities warn consumers about raw milk is because it may potentially contain pathogens. Pathogens are microbes that may be harmful to human health.

Pathogens are in and on the human body at all times anyway, and they are generally not a problem when their numbers are kept in check by a large number of beneficial microbes also in the terrain. However, when pathogens grow in number and outnumber a healthy quorum of beneficial microbes, pathogens can become problematic. They can even be life threatening. Sepsis is often the result when this happens.

Up to 80% of human immunity lies in the gut and carefully produced raw drinking milk has shown to be a great source of the beneficial microbes that colonise the gut lining and offer ‘colonisation resistance’. This is another complex concept worth researching. It basically means that regular consumption of the right kind of mutualistic microbes, like Lactobacillus, means they grow to a healthy quorum that can offer some protection against potentially harmful microbes. This is the reason why dairy farmers and regular raw milk consumers report that they are less prone to getting sick when there is a case of gastro doing the rounds, and also why they can recover much quicker from incidence of food poisoning, than those who are not raw milk consumers. Some regular raw milk consumers don’t often get sick from common ailments, and even if their gut lining is exposed to the occasional pathogen from the food chain, pre-existing ‘colonisation resistance’ offers some worthy level of protection.

This is where people start to get excited, however, individuals in the immune compromised group may start asking questions like: how can they capitalise on these benefits when authorities warn certain groups not to consume raw drinking milk? At this point, it may be beneficial to explore how society came to be so immune compromised in the first place, see the article Gut Microbiota and the Immune Compromised for some insights. In brief, the immune system of those who consume the Standard American Diet may be weak. Bacteria drives our immune systems, but the consumption of highly processed foods, sterilised foods and the overuse of antibiotics have compromised people’s health. Studies have found many over the counter probiotic pills and commercial yogurts to be inferior probiotics. This means many consumers are at a disadvantage. Not having a regular source in the diet of the right kind of diverse-species beneficial microbes, makes people more prone to disease. The benefits of regulating raw drinking milk fairly can outweigh the risks.

A survey that ARMM did early in 2015 (when we first started to advocate) showed that raw milk supporters at the time where very educated about raw milk consumption. Anyone who is interested in becoming a raw milk consumer in the future, will have to do their own research, and take responsibility for their personal education as well. It is not possible to give prospective raw milk consumers the education they need simply in a few paragraphs. They will have to study the articles listed below, and may also need to look at other resources. Best wishes, and remember; your health is your responsibility.


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