Raw Milk... the Gut Biome Builder like No Other Food on Earth

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On October the 13th this year, Mark McAfee - the chairman of the Raw Milk Institute - gave a lively presentation about raw milk as the ‘first food of life”, our immune system builders and gut biome generator. It was at the annual LiveAware Expo between October 12 - 14 in San Francisco, California. This year’s sub-focus was Food For Life - understanding how food can heal and support health in a toxic world. There were 25 speakers.

Mark explained how mankind has been busy destroying the earth’s macro-biome, and how it is now affecting our inner biome. For mankind to thrive, we need bacteria.

“We are bacteriosapiens.”

“The first food of life is raw milk. No other food on earth was created by a million years of generation- by- generation evolutionary pressure to assure the optimal success of new life. The dairy case is now crowded by milk alternatives. It’s gone nuts, Literally! Where is the real milk? The milk that came from evolutionary pressures that stood the test of time?

Milk is not made from nuts, it’s not pasteurized, it’s not homogenized, it’s not a lab experiment. The real reason behind the decline of pasteurized milk and the rise of milk alternatives, is the processing of milk and its side effects. According to several EU studies, raw milk has been shown to reduce colds, ear infections, allergies, heal asthma and Crohns. However, when milk is pasteurized, it is listed as the most allergenic food in America and can be difficult to digest. Pasteurization is great for ease of production and extending shelf life, but it is not good for gut life. Our gut is not a shelf.

The perception of the true health risks of consuming raw milk has been established much out of unfair bias portrayed by industry. Technology has been developed to effectively test for pathogens in 10 hours. The risk from raw milk can now be reduced to near zero, whereas pasteurized dairy products have sickened 175,000 and killed 82 US citizens in the past 35 years. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), no deaths have been associated with consuming raw milk.

The human genome project clearly shows why we need to embrace unprocessed foods that contain a biodiversity of good bacteria and the food that feeds them. If we intend on having strong immunity to fight illness, we must embrace whole foods that nourish the gut biome, and its community of bacteria. Unprocessed, gut- healing, non-allergic, and easy to digest raw dairy products are an excellent choice of food to support a strong immune system.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said 2400 years ago, “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. He also said, “all disease begins in the gut” and lastly, “First, do no harm”.

The abuse of antibiotics, consuming sterilised and highly processed foods that contain preservatives and GMOS, and the use of Roundup have damaged our immune systems and our gut biomes. It is time to embrace a farmer and take charge of our health.” Source

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