The extraordinary link between the gut and the brain

The Melbourne Neuroscience Institute explores how gut health can affect our brains and specifically a shift towards maintaining and improving healthy gut bacteria.

Friend or foe? Bacteriological correctness

What is an open secret? It's a concept that may be known in certain circles but not generally acknowledged. The mystery guarantees that people will not be able to understand it or act on it.

Bunkers Hill Dairy: Udderly Good - From Moo To U

This farm is popular with locals and raw milk tourists from Australia and New Zealand. Thank you Bunkers Hill dairy for making your farm 'public friendly' and satisfying our curiosity.

Ahimsa milk and the Hare Krishna

Ahimsa dairy hails from a culture that reveres the cow as sacred. Forget politics, what the world needs now is a revolution in consciousness. 

The exquisite 'terroir' of raw dairy

With good farming practises dairy farmers cultivate unique beneficial microbes on their farms that can add value as it expresses in a desirable cheese or high quality raw milk. That's real value.

Gut Rehab

Dr. Michael Mosley is touring Australia with his new book. Science now demonstrate the profound link between the the microbiome and the immune system and how we can take matters into our own hands.

Soil ecology and nutrient-dense food

"Most of the diseases are nutritionally related to the fact that we don't have the trace elements in our bodies that we need for our immune systems to work. The reasons why we don't have the trace elements is because our soils are not functioning anymore..." 

Smiling Tree Farm Micro Dairy

Smiling Tree Farm micro-dairy have a small herd of only 7 Jersey cows who are grazed all year round on organically grown pasture. They eat grass, clover, wildflowers and a diverse mixture of highly nutritious herbs. 

Thunderstorm Asthma? Is The Killer Storm avoidable?

Mass hysteria erupted in a matter of minutes as thousands were gasping for air in a mass asthma outbreak around Melbourne. Nine people died. There has never been an outbreak as catastrophic as this one anywhere in the world.

The Price of Milk

This NZ story asks if our love affair with dairy farming are over. Farmers are copping much of the blame for polluted waterways but do the public really know what's going on down at the farm? He also asks why can we not buy raw cow's milk from the supermarket? 

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day - an annual event

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day has become a much loved annual event world-wide sharing unique flavour, 'terroir', and traditional cheesemaking practises. Find out where you can participate and become a turophile (cheese lover).

Fair Regulations and Production Standards for Raw Milk

Consumers compare dignified systems supporting family farmers overseas to the absurd behaviours seen here. Rules should focus on creating quality control, not on regulating the raw product out of viability.

The Grass-fed Raw Milk Movement

Science now show 100% grass-fed, organic milk is superior. Butterfat from pasture-raised cows is a major source of healthy nutrients like Omega-3, CLA and fat soluble vitamins. 

Gut Microbiota and the Immune Compromised

Food safety and health agencies warn the immune compromised against raw milk, but pathogens are all over our food system. Scientists say we need beneficial microbes but where can we get them? 

What do Raw Milk Consumers want? Part 2

Why is there an expectation for raw milk to be perfect? Why is less than perfectly safe a manageable risk for every kind of food, except in the case of raw milk? No other food is held to a standard of a perfect safety record. No food is 100% safe.