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Raw Milk dairies

Only 2 ‘countries’ have a blanket ban on raw cow's milk: Australia and Canada. Note that Scotland is not considered a ‘country’ by some. Raw goat's milk in Australia is regulated and legal to produce and sell for human consumption in 4 states. Australian regulations changed in 2015 to allow the production of raw milk cheese. In Scotland it is illegal to sell raw drinking milk, although raw milk cheese production and sales are legal. However, the Scots have been bringing in raw milk from across the border for many years, because there are technically no legal impediments. The courier service sales in England is seen as a direct farm-to-consumer sale, which is a requirement in England & Wales regulations. Raw milk for human consumption is technically ‘illegal’ in Canada unless you own the animal, but some communities enjoy access via herd shares ‘ownership’, and some routinely bring it in from the USA where it is available in 12 of the 13 bordering states.

Please help the Australian Raw Milk Movement lobby the government to get legislation in place for a regulated raw cow's milk industry in Australia. Some Australians access ‘raw bath milk’ but since 2015 Victorians are unable to access any due to regulations that it require a bitter, gag inducing agent to discourage consumption.

This webpage contains a short list of well known raw milk producers, dairies and other related to raw milk around the world. These websites also give some insight into raw milk production. If you visit their Facebook pages, their popularity with people are evident.

UK Raw Milk Dairies:

Find Raw dairies in the UK with 

or The Food Standards Agency list.


Peak Raw Milk at Beechenhill farm

The Calf at Foot dairy

Charlies Farm Shop

Fen Farm dairy

Pure Eire dairy

Balymaloe Cookery school & dairy

Hurdlebrook farm

Hook and Son Raw Organic farm

Hedgebrook Farm and Inn

Barton Farm dairy

Emma's dairy (Gazegill farm)

Crawfords farm

Tagg Lane Grange dairy

Peak House Farm

Barton Brook Dairy

Honeychild Dairy

Deliciously Raw Milk / Meadow Hay dairies

Wayside Farm

Low Sizergh Barn

Abbey Farm Dairy (North Norfolk)

Longwood Organic Farm

John's Jerseys

Slack House Farm

Modbury Farm

Wheelbirks farm

Milky Business farm

Dreamers Farm

Toons Bridge Dairy (Cork, Ireland)

Straight from the Cow (Worcestershire)

Mease Valley Raw Milk (Staffordshire)

Dunlavin Dairy (Ireland)

High Pasture Farm (North Yorkshire)

Real Raw Milk (Cheshire)

Briddlesford Lodge Farm's Buttercup Milk (Isle of Wight)

Pierrepont Farm Raw Milk (Surrey)

Dann's Farm (Norfork)

Hawkstone Abbey Farm (Shropshire)

Cliftons Farm (Lancashire)

Gibraltar Farm (Lancashire)

Aller Farm (Devon)

Penlan y More (Wales)

Whin Yeats dairy (Cumbria)

Smiling Tree Dairy (Shropshire)

Udderly Fresh Raw Milk UK (Winslow)

Morwick Farm Dairy (Northumberland)

Bunker's Hill Dairy (Penrith)

Shelford Cottage Farm (Wolvey)

Grosmont Wood Farm (Warwickshire)

Naked Milk from Gracemire farm (Lancashire)

Milky Business (Nottingham)

Ahern's Organic Farm (Ireland)

Bartlett's Farm Shop (Devon)

Belvoir Ridge Creamery (Leicestershire)

Ahimsa Happy Health Cows (Watford)

Grosmont Wood Farm (Abergavenny)

Charnwood Farm Natural Milk (Loughborough)

Street Farm Dairy Tarvin (Cheshire)

Home Farm Elwick (Hartlepool)

Lower Marsh Farm (Somerset)

Atley Hill raw milk (Northallerton)

Appleby's Farm (near Liverpool)

Old Hall Farm (Woodton, Norfolk)

Old Hall Farm (Bouth, near Ulverston, Cumbria, Lakes District)

Boden and Daughters (Middlewich, Cheshire)

The Milk House (Cheshire)

Commons Farm Dairy (Wexford, Ireland)

Croasdale Farm at Lanho (Lanho, Lancashire)

Happy Cow Farm Raw Milk (Leicestershire)

Pembertons Dairies (Lancashire)

Trink Dairy (Cornwall)

Porthygan Farm (Bangor-Is-Y-Coed)

Happy Cow Farm (Northhampton)

Ribble Jerseys (Lancashire)

High Pasture Farm (Harrogate)

Peckforton Farm Dairy (Cheshire)

Gelli Farm (Bridgend, Wales)

Moo Cow Raw Milk / Hilltop Dairy Farm (Belfast)

Mountain Hall Farm (Pembrokeshire, Wales)

Milk Maids (Bolton)



USA Raw Milk Dairies:

Organic Pastures

Champoeg Creamery

Terra Farma

Homemade in Marshall farm and LCC

KNB Jersey Farm

Pasture Delight dairy

Fond du Lac farm

Golden Rule dairy

Pride and Joy Creamery

Tide Mill Organic farm

Milligan dairy farm

Larga Vista farm

Mountain Home farm

Deerfield farm

Daloris Jersey dairy

Trickling Springs creamery

Prairie's Edge dairy

Claravale farms

The Farm of Milk and Honey

Dungeness Valley Creamery

Buttercup Farm

Lavon Farms

Wholesome Dairy farms

P.A. Bowen farmstead

De Smet dairy

The Abbey Farm

Avery's Branch Farms

The Jersey Barnyard

Helios farms

Beltane farm

Cable Creek farm

Mountain Flower Dairy

EZ Rocking Ranch

The Waldo Way farm

Cook Farm

Cricket Creek Farm

Grace Hill farm

Side Hill farm

Carter and Stevens farm (Massachusetts)

Robinson Farm

The Grey Barn farm

Cast Iron Farm

Kid Creek Farm

Your family farmer (The family Cow)

Our Ground Up

My sister's farm

Birchwood Farm Dairy

Applevalley creamery

Harris farm

Sweet Grass Dairy

K-Bar Dairy

Sugar House Creamery

Jason Wiebe Dairy

Hidden Hills Farm & Saddle Club

Ty Llwyd Farm (New York state)

Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms

Benedict Dairy

Klein farms (Pennsylvania)

Bossy Acres (Washington)

Farm to Home Milk (North Carolina)

Mini Miracles Farm (South Carolina)

Four E Dairy (Texas)

Spring Creek Farms (Pennsylvania)

Redmond Heritage Farms (Utah)

Sweet Grass Dairy (Georgia)

Stone Wall Dairy (Connecticut)

Sweet Grass dairy (Ohio)

Pereira Pastures Dairy (Texas)

All Day Farm (Florida)

Henry's Dairy (Vermont)

Chicama Run farm (Virginia)

Jerry Dell Farm (New York)

Jersey Girls Milk Co (Texas)

Mountain Laurel Jerseys (Washington)

One Ash Farm and Dairy (South Carolina)

Shumway Farms (Wyoming)

Blossom Ridge Dairy (Michigan)

Chaseholm Farms (New York)

Precious Pastures Dairy (Illinois)

Greener Acre Farms (Massachusetts)

Wotton Farm (New Hampshire)

Wholesome Family Farms (Oregon)

Light Root Community Farm (Colorado)

Family Cow Farmstand (Vermont)

Simply Natural Raw Milk (Colorado)

Johnson's Acres (Colorado)

Ty Llwyd Farm (New York)


Europe Raw Milk Dairies

Raw Milk Company (Netherlands)

For more information on how to identify and manage risks on the farm see the 11 categories of the Risk Identification and Risk Reduction program: