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the raw milk answer book

Raw Milk – The uncensored truth exposed

by Jonathan Landsman, NaturalHealth365 with David Gumpert

The BIG question about raw milk

How could such high-level scientific sources come to such an opposite conclusion about such a basic food? Our guest today, David Gumpert, will answer that question plus much more about raw milk. This podcast is an important health program – that you will never get from any mainstream media outlet.

According to a recent guest of mine, prolific author and celebrity beyond organic farmer, Joel Salatin – David Gumpert “churns out every answer to every conceivable question in the raw milk controversy.”

Why is ‘raw’ milk such a hot topic?

According to David Gumpert, in his book The Raw Milk Answer Book, “raw milk has become the world’s most controversial food.”

The following is an excerpt from David’s book:

”As a result, obtaining accurate information about it has become increasingly difficult. On one side, proponents often portray raw milk as a miracle food. In their view, it strengthens the immune system so as to reduce our incidence of health problems small and large – from colds and flu to cancer and diabetes. They also see it as clearing up eczema, mitigating autism symptoms, and protecting against asthma and allergies … and being extremely safe to boot.

On the other side, opponents portray raw milk as having no more health or nutritional value than the pasteurized variety that can be bought in any supermarket. They also view it as one of the most dangerous foods known to mankind – so inherently dangerous it can kill you. In other words, a food no one should ever consume.”

Of course, in many cases, it’s hard to initially see the truth about food safety due to false advertising and deceptive marketing campaigns designed to sell more products. When it comes to raw milk – there’s lots of fake facts, which will be addressed in today’s podcast.  Read more.

What’s With Raw Milk? — Hayden Smith (Health Coach)

by Food Flow

What is “raw” milk?
Why is it illegal?
Is it healthy?
What about the bacteria? 

A talk with health coach, and farmer, Hayden Smith, discussing her journey and understanding of the nutrition, politics, and safety of drinking raw milk.

Hayden Smith is a health coach, who is an advocate of healing the body with “real” and traditional foods. She studied micro/molecular biology, is currently pursuing her MS in Holistic Nutrition, and has a diverse involvement with her family’s farm (more here). Read her article Why I went Raw

Does Milk Do The Body Good? Mark McAfee Tells the Raw Story!

by Food Integrity Now

National milk advertising campaigns like “Milk Does The Body Good” and “Got Milk?” and governmental agencies have lauded the benefits of conventional pasteurized industrial milk, but many are rejecting this advice as their bodies are rejecting the milk. Why do so many people have milk allergies? Why are many people turning to alternative milks like almond, soy, coconut or hemp? Could it be that our body doesn’t lie and that the reason our body is rejecting this “supposedly” healthy substance is that pasteurized milk is not as healthy as advertised.

Mark McAfee, CEO and Founder of Organic Pastures, which is the largest raw milk dairy in the United States, spoke with us about the health benefits of raw milk. He explains the history of dairy farming and the reasons why milk went from being a healthy living substance to a dead pasteurized product that is the most allergenic food in America. McAfee explains how in Europe raw milk and whole foods are used to promote good health and prevent disease. Whereas, in the United States, the prescription for good health entails going to the doctor and taking a pill for whatever ails us. He further shares the nutritional value of drinking clean, raw milk and the many health benefits, including having healthy gut bacteria and immunity to many diseases.  Read more.

melissa koerner raw milk mark mcafee

Is Raw Milk Healthy or Dangerous? with Mark McAfee

by Better beyond 50 with Melissa Koerner

Here’s what you’ll discover about dairy in this episode:

* The dangerous health effects of drinking pasteurized and homogenized milk. (The kind of milk that you buy at large chain grocery stores.)

* Why soy milk and rice milk are NOT healthy alternatives to cow’s milk.

* Why pasteurized milk is highly processed, “dirty” milk. (There are big differences incleanliness between milk intended for pasteurization and raw milk production.)

* The REAL reason why the FDA is against the selling of raw milk. (It’s NOT really about your safety like they claim.)

* What scientific studies show about the amazing healing powers that drinking raw milk has on your gut and immune health.

You’ll leave this interview knowing EXACTLY which dairy products are the best ones to buy for you and your family.  Read more here.

mark mcafee raw milk institute

What You Ought To Know About Raw Milk with Mark McAfee

by The Ed Talks

Raw milk is a natural, highly nutritious whole food that unfortunately is not available legally for many people around the world. Why? Well the big reason is because milk is prone to contamination by bacteria (good and bad) from cows and the environment, that could cause severe illness in humans. But, what if quality controlled and regulated food handling standards and production processes were put in place at dairies to ensure a premium, safe product was produced? And what if the farmer had an open policy and educated the public and other farmers about their processes and procedures?

Well that is what Organic Pastures Dairy has been doing in the state of California since the early 2000’s with great success for the benefit of both them and consumers.

In this episode of TheEdTalks we have an informative discussion with inspirational founder and CEO Mark McAfee. He’s an internationally recognized expert in raw milk safety and production, hailing from an experienced background as a medical educator and is truly passionate about whole food nutrition and its importance in feeling energized and being healthy and happy.  Read more here.

charlotte smith champoeg creamery raw milk

Raw Milk with Charlotte Smith

by Wise Traditions

Have you heard about raw milk? Some say it's dangerous but others say it's an amazing food. Charlotte Smith falls into the latter camp. Listen to her story which led her from being a mother of children suffering with eczema to a mother who decided to start her own micro-dairy to sell raw milk to her community.

Charlotte (whose children are now well) also has started a marketing course to help other farmers make a living selling raw milk. She is that passionate about raw milk's healing properties! Are you suffering from eczema? Allergies? Asthma? Diverticulitis? Listen closely. Perhaps you will adopt Charlotte's point of view, that food can indeed be our medicine! Read more.

Raw Milk Revealed with Mark McAfee

by Wise Traditions

As President and Founder of the Raw Milk Institute, Mark McAfee has lectured on the subject of raw milk all over the United States. A consummate educator, Mark elucidates its benefits, even as he addresses the risks associated with it. His mission is to stem the influence of what he calls the "fear campaign that is steering us over the sterilised food cliff." Raw milk is a living food with properties that help us avoid chronic illnesses such as Crohn's, and can build our immune system so as to avoid illnesses that necessitate prescription drugs and costly surgeries. Mark makes his case with facts and passion. Mark emphasises the health-enhancing properties of raw milk, and advocates for it to be safely produced and distributed widely.  Read more.

The Health Edge: Raw Milk Consumption – Risks vs. Benefits

with John Bagnulo MPH, PhD and Mark Pettus MD


In this episode of The Health Edge John and Mark take an objective look at the risks and benefits of consuming raw milk. More here.

Sally Fallon Morell raw milk

The Health and Safety of Raw Milk with Sally Fallon Morell

by The Kojo Nnamdi Show

The milk available in grocery stores in the D.C. area goes through a lot before it makes its way onto shelves. Pasteurization and homogenization aim to remove harmful bacteria and make the beverage easier to drink. But many from the Washington area go out of their way to get their hands on raw milk. Its proponents say it tastes better and has additional health benefits despite the fact that it is illegal to sell in many states and strongly warned against by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We discuss the risks and legal status of raw milk.  Read more.

"We’ve taken a wonderful food and turned it into the worlds’ top allergen." Sally

Uncovering the good and bad or raw milk & cheese

by Sydney Law School, Sydney University. 

This conversation event looks at what are the actual risks of raw milk/cheese, the associated social and ethical effects on public health, the regulatory changes needed and how Australia compares to the rest of the world. Join the Dr Christopher Degeling of the University of Sydney, Alanna Linn, a postgrad student at Monash University Faculty of Law exploring the contested regulatory landscape for raw milk in Australia and cheese expert Claudia Bowman of McIntosh & Bowman, for an insightful debate on the issue. Read more.

Dairy Telegraph article about the event here.

Guerrilla cheese making: the use of raw milk

by RN Breakfast Australia

Europe's best cheeses rest on the use of raw milk, and advocates of raw milk for cheese-making wouldn't have it any other way. Interviewed is David Asher during his visit to Australia in early 2016.  Raw milk cheese production was legalised (and heavily regulated) in Australia early 2015, but raw milk sales are still illegal.

David Gumpert Gives The Inside Scoop On The Raw Milk Revolution

by The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore


Listen to Jimmy discuss all the ins and outs of the raw milk debate that has led to some harrowing farm raids making headlines the past few years with one of the leading voices on this topic named David Gumpert (journalist and author).

David’s book The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights exposes how this squabble over raw milk rights goes much deeper than the milk itself.


Interview start at 14:20 minutes.

Mark McAfee – The Health Benefits of Drinking Raw Milk & Dairy Products, The Immune System

by Justin Stellman - Extreme Health Radio

We talked with Mark McAfee today from Organic Pastures here in California all about raw dairy products and the benefits they can have for your health.

Raw dairy consists mainly of raw milk, raw cheese, raw butter, raw cream and raw kefir. We don’t do a lot of dairy in our lives but we do like some raw butter and some cheese from time to time.

It’s very important that when getting raw milk that you know that the milk is clean and the cows are happy, grazing on grass, able to roam free in the pasture, they’re not locked up in cages or standing in their own excrement which is many times the case in conventional dairy farms.

It’s also important that the milk isn’t heated or treated by pasteurization or homogenization. Heat damage can cause protein molecules to be incredibly difficult to digest. Keeping the enzymes and bacteria alive is critical for being able to process and assimilate this raw food into your body.  Read more.

Sally Fallon and Kristin Canty – Farmageddon 

by Food Integrity Now

Could raw milk cure asthma, allergies and other diseases? Why is the FDA conducting gestapo-type raids on small farms selling raw, unpasteurized milk and cheese?  Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Kristin Canty, Director of the upcoming documentary, Farmageddon, a movie that documents the FDA’s opposition to raw milk, discuss this topic with the Food Integrity Now team. In studies involving humans, raw milk was shown to be superior to pasteurized in protecting against infection, diarrhea, rickets, tooth decay and TB; and children receiving had better growth than those receiving pasteurized milk. In the early 1900s, the Mayo Clinic administered the “Milk Cure” which consisted in drinking 4-5 quarts of raw milk per day, obtaining favorable results for a range of illnesses including cancer, weight loss, kidney disease, allergies, skin problems, urinary tract problems, prostate problems and chronic fatigue; these results are not obtained using pasteurized milk.  Farmageddon explores this controversial topic.  Read more.

Farmageddon movie trailer.