Panel Discussion on Raw Milk



On 17 June 2015 we had our Raw Milk Panel Discussion event to learn why people are so passionate about Raw Milk with four panelists:

microbiologist raw milk australia
  • Dr. Kristian Ronacher - ex CSIRO microbiologist / health consultant
  • Joost Bakker - ARMM ambassador, eco warrior and chef
  • Simon Schulz - raw milk producer
  • Amanda Goldie - raw foodie

Raw Milk was discussed at length as Dr. Kristian Ronacher gave the audience many insights into the world of Raw Milk biology.  Simon Schulz gave the audience a glimpse into the work of the Australian Raw Milk Producers Co-Op in setting standards for Raw Milk production that is in line with global best practise.  Amanda Goldie shared insights into her raw food diet and Joost Bakker shared interesting stories from personal experience and good common sense around raw milk. 

Watch the full video playlist here. We also have a playlist on YouTube with various expert opinions from people in the Raw Milk industry.

Below you will find four short clips with the most essential information:

The ARMM Panel Discussion video gallery:

Photos from our Raw Milk Panel Discussion night (click on images to view and enlarge):

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