Gibraltar Farm - Lancashire

Gibraltar farm has been in the Burrow family for three generations and is situated in the picturesque village of Silverdale with panoramic views of Morecambe Bay.

The farm is now selling raw milk from their new milk vending machine in order to continue their way of life and secure the farm for the next generation. James and Amy's sons Eddie (11) and Ollie (8) are keen to follow in their parents footsteps and become farmers. Falling milk prices meant making changes was a necessity because it meant their business was no longer sustainable. The family was inspired by Jonny Crickmore's Fen Farm Dairy.

According to this article Amy said: “We can’t cover our own costs for what we get for the milk. “We’re receiving 14p a litre, and it costs 24p a litre to produce. A lot of dairy farms across the country are facing the same problem. “We were watching Countryfile a couple of months ago, and it featured another way of keeping dairy farms profitable." That's when they contacted Jonny in Suffolk and had a 200 litre DF Italia vending machine installed. People bring their own bottles and pay £1 to fill it up themselves. Fen Farm Dairy is also the UK distributors for the DF Italia milk vending machines.

Amy and James also run the popular camping and caravan site on Gibraltar Farm facing the ocean. Watch the videos below for more information.

Video:  A That's Lancashire video. As dairy farmers in Lancashire look for ways to diversify their businesses, a farm in Silverdale has installed a Milk Vending Machine...



Gibraltar Farm: