Lobbying for a regulated Raw Milk industry in Australia

Learn how to Lobby Event

On 20 Oct 2015, we had our 'Learn how to Lobby' event where our political advisor, Jasmine gave a lesson on how to use our ARMM Lobby pack and Briefing Pack, and how to lobby your local MP's. It is very easy, as she explained, and won't take up much of your time. Telling your MP's about your vote for regulated raw milk is a move in the right direction.  

Remember that many Australians know very little about the anatomy of a raw milk industry and its benefits, so it is up to raw milk supporters to inform and educate them. It is an educational challenge. Also remember that ARMM do not have any paid lobbyists to speak to the government on your behalf. You, the public, are it.  Watch the highlights video below:


Video:  Learn how to Lobby - Highlights


Research Pack & Lobby Pack for Raw Milk access

Our dedicated and hardworking team have created these documents to arm you with all the information you need to speak confidently about why regulated raw milk from cows should be legal.

Take action and write to your local MP, your minister for health, your minister for agriculture and their opposition counterparts today.  Tell them you want access to safe, low risk, pathogen-free raw milk.  

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lobby for raw milk australia

Jasmine's Political Pointers for Raw Milk

(as taken from her clip 1 video below):

  • Australia is behind the rest of the world in introducing regulations to ensure that raw milk can be safely provided to consumers.

  • New Zealand has a regulated raw milk industry.

  • Regulations for the production of raw milk cheese already exist for Australia since early 2015. We already have these systems in place and consumers are asking for them to be extended for the production, sale and distribution for raw drinking milk. We're not asking for a re-invention, just an extension to the regulations we already have.

  • There is a global conversation about the importance of the production line, food miles and being close to the people who produce our food. There is an awareness about unsustainable food production methods that's taking a toll on our country.

  • Raw milk is not a legal issue. The freedom of choice argument does not work in Australia.

  • The way to get political change is by getting our elected officials to change the rules and to tell Dairy Food Safety to shift their regulations. To start regulating the production, transport and sale of raw milk.


Use the Research Pack/Briefing Pack, it has information about:

  • Opening up this new emerging, exciting market for small scale dairy farmers.

  • The health benefits of the consumption of raw milk.

  • The impact on children, on asthma, eczema, gut issues and a range of issues that there is a lot of evidence for.

  • Lobbying for raw milk means challenging the status quo and the fear mongering and the Research Pack can help with that.

  • There is evidence that the rest of the world is already doing this.

  • These regulatory changes are about bringing Australia in line with global best practise.


How to Lobby:

  • Write a letter or email, call them to ask if they have received it, make an appointment to see them personally.

  • Having the evidence behind you is very important. Tell your MP's about the Research Pack.

  • Remember that our politicians don't have this information. Our media and universities are not particularly good at getting this information out to them. This is very new information to many people in Australia.

  • Make sure you are prepared and knowledgeable about the contents of the Research Pack.

  • Demonstrate that you have knowledge and a document that's referenced to back it up.

  • Write personalised letters to your politicians that capture their attention.




  • Tell your personal story and share stories about your family, tell them:

    • Why do you drink raw milk?

    • When did you start drinking raw milk?

    • Do you know other people that drink raw milk? Why do they drink it?

    • What has it meant to you that Minister Jane Garrett brought in regulations that dictate that raw milk has to be tainted, so it is no longer drinkable?

    • What does it mean that you can only get raw milk on the black market now, and the risks you are taking?

    • Share the impact this has on your life to get your MP's attention.

  • Send out the 2 page Lobby Pack and tell them that Australia and Canada is the only two countries with a complete blanket ban on the sale of raw milk. Tell them that the Research Pack has information on practical experience and scientific studies that raw milk can be produced and sold to consumers in a way that is safe and doesn't create a public health issue.

  • Once you've send the letter, follow it up with a phone call a week later. Ask if they have received it, and tell them about your concerns and why this is an issue close to your heart. Tell them how having access to raw milk has changed your life or made you healthy.


More arguments:

  • Why can we buy raw goats milk legally in 4 Australian states, but not raw cow's milk? Why can't we just extend this system to raw cow's milk?

  • Why can we have raw cheese produced in Australia, but now raw drinking milk?

  • There is a concern for small scale farmers that is being driven out of business by globalisation and big farms absorbing small farms. This trend is making farming not economically viable for small scale dairy farmers.

See the Learn how to Lobby video series below for a great presentation.


Guest speaker Mark McAfee:

We also had Mark McAfee with us, a California based raw milk producer from Organic Pastures dairy and chairman of the Raw Milk Institute, to inspire our raw milk advocates. Mark shared lessons from the USA on getting raw milk legalised and what we, the consumers, need to do to make this happen.  

Raw milk have always been legal to sell and consume in California and after 17 years of producing raw dairy for human consumption, Organic Pastures dairy have a large customer base.  They are the largest raw milk producer in the USA and their raw dairy is sold in over 600 stores. Click here to see Organic Pasture's product line.

Australia is a very risk averse country. If you are interested in learning about how risks on the farm can be identified and managed, see the 11 categories of the Risk Identification and Risk Reduction Program:

Risk Identification and Risk Reduction program Banner.jpg

Photos from the ARMM Learn how to Lobby event: