A response to a concerned doctor regarding Raw Milk consumption

This was a recent response written to a concerned doctor regarding raw milk consumption and we have received permission to publish it here. It was written by Mark McAfee who is the CEO at Organic Pastures dairy in Fresno, California. The dairy has been selling raw milk for human consumption since 2000, that's 17 years. Raw milk has never been illegal in the state of California and is highly regulated today. The business employ 105 people with 22 trucks going to over 600 stores every week. See the product range of exclusively raw dairy products here. They also sell at 17 farmers markets and enjoy a consumer connection that is remarkable. This is what Mark had to say:

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Dear Standard American Doctor,

We appreciate your concerns. Let me update you with some information that you are not aware of ...

The EU research contradicts American medical doctrine. We at Organic Pastures has taken steps to assure that our products are pathogen free prior to their release to consumers. Modern FDA approved BAX PCR testing returns results in just 10 hours. No products are released prior to negative tests being received by Organic Pastures.

We would ask that you look at the following: Parsifal study, Gabriela study, LMU study, Pasture cohort study. These peer reviewed internationally published studies on raw milk show that children that drink raw milk have dramatically reduced allergies, asthma, ear infections, and eczema.

To the contrary, pasteurized milk is listed as the most allergenic food in the USA by the FDA.

Pasteurization changes milk in so many ways.

We are associated with the RAW Milk Institute. This non-profit research org and its Ph.D. board members certify the Organic Pastures safety program and perform audits.

CDFA also inspects Organic Pastures raw milk to assure its safety and quality. Raw milk in CA is 100% legal under the state of CA law.

There are two kinds of raw milk. One that is intended to be pasteurized (and should be because of safety concerns) and raw milk that is intended for direct human consumption.

OPDC produces raw milk of extremely safe and high quality. Some of the pathogens you mentioned are no longer considered a threat in raw milk. Those issues occurred over 100 years ago. Many in the medical community now support raw milk as a matter of science and important pediatric nutrition. The larger medical political organizations have yet to get on board with the most modern research, testing, and standards.

The top ten most risky foods in the USA does not list raw milk. But pasteurized cheeses and ice cream are listed. In the last 30 years, the only deaths that have come from dairy products have been pasteurized. 82 deaths from pasteurized dairy products and no deaths from raw. This is CDC data.

We invite you to visit Organic Pastures or call the owners. They are trained medical professionals themselves and are not the common dairy people. Our highest priority is the safety of our products.

Consumption of raw milk reduces asthma.

In the USA 13 children die each day from asthma.

When a parent sees their children getting better after drinking raw milk... I think the answer is self-explanatory.

As a doctor, I think you must agree that breastfeeding is a good thing. Breast milk Raw milk is not sterile and contains as many as 700 types of bacteria. It can also contain pathogens.

The medical community is conflicted about what is good for kids.

At Organic Pastures we have done the deep research and we are not conflicted.

Please call us and please visit.

Most kind regards,

Mark McAfee
Organic Pastures- RAW DAIRY
Retired Medical Educator
Retired EMS Paramedic


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