2015 Articles about Raw Milk

The following are lists of raw milk articles published in 2015 and earlier. These help build a stronger case for the profitability and viability of creating a raw milk industry for Australia.

Image:   from our Petition and Raw Milk Drink In  event.

Image: from our Petition and Raw Milk Drink In event.

USA Raw Milk Articles:


Livestock nutritionist defends raw milk safety - 4 Oct 2015

Lavon Farms on raw milk - 1 Nov 2015

Got raw milk? A Md. farm now sells the hotly debated drink - for pets - 6 Nov 2015

Raw pet milk now legal in Maryland - 6 Nov 2015

Got incompetence? The Federal Government has misled public about milk for decades - 10 Nov 2015

Increasing demand for raw milk with Mark McAfee - 14 Nov 2015

Raw milk endeavor provides many benefits (herd shares) - 14 Nov 2015

A full harvest season since the Food Freedom Act passed - 23 Nov 2015

Raw milk and asthma - 29 Nov 2015

City of Fort Worth levies $3000 fine to raw milk dairy, located outside of city limits - 15 Dec 2015

Ft. Worth jury convicts family farm after raw milk found at food co-op - 17 Dec 2015

Raw milk's growth expands WSDA's workload 29 Dec 2015

Raw milk endeavour provides many benefits

Local dairy attracts customers with raw unpasteurised milk

Brian Harville talks about the raw milk debate

Raise a glass of raw milk to herdsharing

How safe is raw milk?

Got Raw? For raw milk fans, it's pasture versus pasteur

Raw Milk produced in the Lowcountry: Is it worth the risk?

Lawmaker criticises health department over raw milk

Many prefer raw milk for good reasons

Real milk

Small Tunbridge dairy farm stays true to its values

Fresh raw milk boasts major advantages

Farm reveals Raw milk process

Raw Milk producers aim to regulate themselves

Local dairy now offering raw milk

The Healing Power of RAW MILK for Immune and Digestive Issues

Video:  Special report on raw milk in Maine

Australia Raw Milk Articles:


Raw Milk Verdict video Mark Tyler - 12 May 2015

Raw milk battle reset (with Mark Tyler) - 30 Oct 2015

Raw milk getting a raw deal, Mark Tyler interview - 2 Nov 2015

Leading US raw milk producer insists it can be safe for consumption - 17 Nov 2015

"Bath milk" claims will not wash - 7 Dec 2015

'You probably shouldn't put it near your mouth' - 8 Dec 2015

Raw bath milk confiscated from health food shops by NSW food authority - 9 Dec 2015

On the Farm: Should we be drinking raw milk? Delicious Magazine- 4 Nov 2015

Raw milk containing harmful bacteria pulled from shelves in Sydney stores

Leading US raw milk producer insists it can be safe for consumption

Make Raw Milk legal for human consumption PETITION

Raw Milk Appeal - Mark Tyler

Dairy farmers found guilty of selling Raw Milk WON supreme court appeal

Buying Raw Milk products for human consumption should be legalised, says cheesemaker

Swampy Marsh campaigns for Raw Milk shake up

Why is raw milk as controversial as climate change

Prosecution of raw milk 'cow share' scheme over Food Act breach was flawed

Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Attack on Small-Scale dairy in Australia

Moo View dairy breaches food standards by selling unpasteurised milk

The Project - Raw Milk Rebel about Swampy

The Project - Raw Milk Rebel preview

Swampy faces market ban

Unregistered farmer removed from list of stallholders at farmers market

Swampy's food fight over raw milk

WA dairy owner says demand for raw goat milk strong

Mark Parnell - The Greens supports raw milk

Why I feed my kids Raw Milk - Mark Whittaker

Willunga dairy farmer vos to continue providing raw milk despite possible 50k fine

Judgement due on raw milk

Willunga dairy farmer Mark Tyler in court for selling raw, unpasteurised milk

Townsville farmer Brian Venten becomes first in North Qld to sell goats milk (Ebuta)

Thornbury trader ferments opposition to raw milk ban through Change.org campaign

Right out of their hands (Eat Buy Grow)

Time lag in milk death (Vicki Jones Mountain View dairy)

Organic dairy farmers losing thousands of dollars under new Victorian Raw milk Laws

Raw Milk for consumption still on the market despite new laws

Raw Milk shake up

Victoria's raw milk drinkers plan protest outside Consumer Affairs Minister's office over food safety laws

Fight warming up for unpasteurised milk to be regulated and available

Raw milk 'drink-in' in Melbourne denounced by health experts

Protesters campaign as raw milk fines, bittering agents introduced

Raw milk devotees bitter over harsh additive

Push to lift raw milk ban in Australia despite the death of a child linked to the product

Victorian Government's new laws clamp down on raw milk farmers

Cosmetic milk controversy: bath milk brand says it can change labeling

Cosmetic Milk: state in grip of toxic milk madness

Killer milk: Health alert after children struck down

Gippsland raw milk farm agrees to voluntary recall after death link

Raw Milk recalled after VIC toddler death

Raw milk can be deadly: Vic health

"My three kids all drink raw milk and they're fine": Farmer defends controversial product after death of child and says there is no reason for it to be banned

Raw milk company Mountain View Farm defends product after 3yo's death

Cleopatra milk bath key to survival for North Queensland dairy farmers

Vicki and Rowan Jones of Mountain View Farm dairy in Gippsland master the herd share arrangement

Direct funding model milked by organic dairy brand

Miranda Dale dairy at Lakes Entrance shows whey forward

White Lies: the truth about raw milk

NZ sells raw milk

Image: from our Learn how to Lobby event with Mark McAfee