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Regenerative Farming / Biological Farming / Mycorrhizal Fungi

What does all regenerative farming and biological farming methods have in common? They all somehow contribute to growing more mycelial networks, like mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial microbes, that increase nutrient-cycling between microbes and plants, increasing the nutrient-density of plants and the soil, and therefore animal and human health. These microbes make very significant and essential contributions. As Michael Phillips say: “this is the basis for resiliency, and an ecosystem. How are we going to deal with a warming climate, with higher drought periods, more rain? Well the fungi mediate that. That’s what that word resilience means… Mycorrhizal fungi are the main means by which [atmospheric] carbon gets sequestered in the soil.”

These articles look at regenerative farming in more detail and why it is so important for the increased health of the dairy cows and the food safety of the raw drinking milk. Also see the Farming Conditions, Cow Health and Feed categories of the Risk Identification and Risk Reduction Program for more in depth information on why regenerating methods are highly beneficial in the production of raw milk for human consumption.


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