Joel Salatin at Jonai Farms Event


AFSA Legal Defence Fund Fundraiser

The world's most innovative farmer, Joel Salatin was back in Australia and speaking on the 26th of February 2017 at Eganstown, Victoria (near Daylesford).

What would our food system look like if small scale regenerative farms were the norm?

Find out with renowned American farmer and author Joel SalatinCosta Georgiadis from ABC’s Gardening Australia and Tammi and Stuart Jonas of Jonai Farms.

Resilient ethical farmers came to tell their very personal stories. Listen to Tammi Jonas from Jonai Farms, Joe and Antonia Gretschmann from Elgaar Farm, Jo Stritch from Happy Valley Free Range, Mark and Helen Tyler from Moo View Farm and Sally Ruljancich president of AFSA via the videos below. Producers and eaters are asking for a legal defence fund to promote social justice and dignity for small-scale sustainable agriculture. For more information about the event and the people click here.

“The time to defend the growing movement of small-scale food producers has come.” – Tammi Jonas

Raise Money to Defend Small-Scale Ethical Farming

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance Legal Defence Fund – constituted to help make farms like Jonai Farms the norm.

The Legal Defence Fund (LDF) was established to defend and promote the right of producers to grow, process and sell ecologically-sound and ethical food directly to eaters, and to protect everybody’s right to access local, ethical, nutritious and delicious food directly from farmers.

Food producers are copping the full brunt of abuse of power by regulators. The issues include:

  • Communities who want access to raw milk from local dairies;
  • Farms processing on-farm, facing unfair and inconsistent regulation;
  • Outdated and illogical definitions in local planning schemes that protect industrial agriculture, while perversely punishing small-scale family farms.

Video Gallery from the Joel Salatin at Jonai Farms Event:

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Australian produced Food Freedom documentaries:

Image:   Polyfaces, purchase film  here .

Image: Polyfaces, purchase film here.

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Image: Click here to watch feature length.