2018 Articles about Raw Milk

The following are lists of raw milk articles published in 2018. These help build a stronger case for the profitability and viability of creating a raw milk industry for Australia.

UK Raw Milk Articles:

Superfoods The Real Story S3Ep4 Ginger, Raw Milk and Nuts - Story at 18:50

How well do you know your milk? Greencuisine Trust

EKM - Gazegill Organics

Lytham's YouTube farmer looks forward to the future following award win - 24 Oct

Bungay dairy farm ‘lost for words’ after winning national innovation prize - 19 Oct

Lytham farmer Tom in line for national award - 17 Oct

Breaking the Glass ceiling 

Breaking the Glass ceiling - 29 Sep

Belly ache leads to farmer creating raw milk enterprise - 21 Sep

Real-life Suffolk dairy farmer inspires ‘Archers’ plotline - 20 Sep

Raw milk producers serve up a success

The grim reality of the heatwave is leaving Cornwall farmers desperate - 1 Aug

Two farms team up to host fitness festival and boost awareness of dairy benefits - 19 Jul

The dairy farmer who refuses to separate calves from mothers to make world ‘a better place for cows’ - 22 June

Goatylicious Raw goat milk finds growing marker - 6 Jun

Farmer isn't kidding with - 29 May

Suffolk dairy farmer’s delight as his cheese features at royal breakfast - 18 May

Farm owner tells of the benefits of drinking raw milk - 22 Apr

Why glass milk bottle deliveries are back - 13 Apr

Why one Bolton farm has decided to start selling raw milk - 5 Apr

Farmers unhappy with FSA's proposed raw milk labelling - 19 Mar

Galloway farm dairy champions 'ethical' cheese - 12 Mar

Rebecca swaps auction house for life on the farm - 11 Mar

A new way to get your coffee fix? - 5 Feb

Northwich dairies go back to the future to say no to plastic - 6 Feb

Video: Phillip Questions Hardcore Vegan on His Militant Views Against Dairy Farmers - 6 Feb

Furious viewers blast vegan campaigner - 6 Feb

Militant vegans have targeted a dairy farmer and his young children - 2 Jan

Death threat vegans bombard award-winning dairy farmers - 2 Jan

Gazegill Organics interview - 2 Feb

Raw Milk vending machine rejuvenates family dairy farm - 30 Jan

AgriBiz of the Week: Meet the Crawfords making waves with raw milk in Co. Tipperary - 10 Jan

USA Raw Milk Articles:


Davines: In Good Hands - Jasper Hill - 5 Nov

Family dinner essential for local farmers - 18 Oct

Why is raw milk illegal - 16 Oct

Agri-Ventures: producing milk without lactose - 12 Oct

Mark McAfee Raw Milk Talk with Abby Rockerfeller

Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures | Raw Dairy Products | Food As Real As Medicine YouTube Facebook

Belly ache leads to farmer creating raw milk enterprise - 21 Sep

Happy cows make health milk and cheese - 28 Aug

Sales of A2 milk rise amid 'intriguing' but unproven health claims - 28 Aug

Ben and Kristen Beichler, Creambrook Farm - 8 Aug

Edible Chemotherapy created from raw milk YouTube - 8 Aug

Researchers working to create edible chemotherapy using cow's milk - 7 Aug

Carrying on the tradition at De Smet Dairy - 18 Jul

Long Island Naturally: Raw milk - 12 Jul

Raw milk is safe and helps strengthen our immune systems - 6 Jul

Raw Milk for Real Health, Wealth - 21 Jun

Teacup Farm promotes fresh raw goat milk and cow milk - 13 Jun

Struggling dairy farmers producing alternative milk - 12 Jun

Selling Raw Milk is the Right Move for This New York Dairy - 8 Jun

4 Your Health w/ Marsha Thadison with Mark McAfee - 7 May

Dungeness Valley Creamery installs new cleaning system, sees production rise - 2 May

Raw Milk talks with Mark McAfee and Dr. Sylvia Onusic - 23 Apr

Selective Science and Raw Dairy - 19 Apr

Fresh Finds: Organic Pastures - 7 Apr

Milk-alternative industry booming; raw milk might save dairy market - 26 Mar

Are You Ready for a Raw Milk Renaissance? - 28 Feb

Local raw milk dairy farm pushing for change in state law - 28 Feb

Family Finds Higher Purpose in Farming - 23 Feb

Amish Prove Raw Milk Promotes Health - 10 Feb

Hunks of Cheese: Andy and Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Farm - 14 Feb

Raw Milk Solves Low Milk Supply for Nursing Mom - 25 Jan

Newly introduced raw milk legislation could threaten smaller farms - 2 Feb

Sally Fallon Morell interviewed by Middays with Jody Vance - 29 Jan

Raw milk dairy celebrates grand opening of farm store - 30 Jan

Proposed legislation targets raw milk consumption - 30 Jan

VIRGINIA: Save Our Raw Milk Herd Shares! - 30 Jan

Rutgers professors weigh in on raw milk movement - 30 Jan

The Family Cow earns state sustainability award - 24 Jan

Newly opened Farm and Dairy offers raw milk for sale in Silver City and Grant County - 22 Jan

Chino couple sells raw milk, without all the modern extras - 17 Jan

At Teacup Farm, minimal intervention is key to peerless dairy  -  12 Jan


Video: A Landline story about a raw cheesemaker who branches out into dairying to source the best milk. Read the article here. Air Date - 2018-07-01