My son was born with severe allergies including to dairy products. Despite avoiding these in my own diet I was advised to stop breastfeeding him at 14 months. His health deteriorated from there until I began to give him raw cow's milk and other dairy products made from it, such as cream cheese, whey, yoghurt, kefir, butter, and sour cream. He continued to drink raw cow's milk from the age of 18 months, and so did I, until it was banned, which for us was more than seven years. We were never ill from it once, despite it being over a week old or left on the bench to separate for over a week. Since the ban our health has deteriorated again. Could it possibly be that raw milk (human or cow's) is actually good for us? Could the bacteria not only benefit us but actually protect the milk? I think so!

Sarah, mother of two, Victoria

Raw cow's milk alleviates my severe endometriosis and period pain. I have been suffering endometriosis pain for the last 20 years. During the last two decades I have trialled various hormonal contraceptives, and had laparoscopic excision surgery in an attempt to alleviate the pain. Having my first baby likewise did not relieve the symptoms. I started drinking Miranda Dale raw Jersey cow milk early in 2014, and was period pain free for that entire year, I had a new lease on life! My endometriosis and period pain have returned in the last two months, since I've not had the opportunity to access raw milk.

Name withheld on request

My three daughters have experienced some degree of food sensitivity, especially my middle daughter, who is now 24. She and my youngest daughter remain sensitive, to pasteurised milk in particular, which they avoid. Our family had access to raw milk for the first time about two years ago through our herd share agreement. Our biggest surprise was that it did NOT give my daughters any digestion problems. My husband over the years had reduced his milk intake to almost zero—mainly because it made him feel sick or gave him diarrhoea. The raw milk caused no problems—he was even able to drink cold milk Milo with no issues. My middle daughter had to remove milk from her diet after raw milk was stopped. A well-known brand of unhomogenised, organic milk makes my husband and middle daughter unwell, so they have eliminated milk from their diet as much as possible.

Tracy O'Keeffe, Narre Warren North, Victoria

When I turned 40 I developed Raynauds Disease and suffered for 2 years until I started drinking raw jersey milk (from a well known raw milk brand here in Victoria). Then it went away. I made no other changes in my diet. Apart from that the milk is absolutely divine to drink and my family and I never had any adverse side effects whatsoever. In fact, our whole family only ever had a positive experience with raw milk. We all miss raw milk and vehemently believe we the consumer should have the choice to decide what we eat and drink. Not anyone else.

Maria, Melbourne

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My eldest daughter had a life threatening anaphylactic reaction to cashew nuts when she was 18 months old. It transpired that she was also anaphylactic to peanuts. In addition she had eczema. Over the next few years we increasingly became aware of how we could use food to heal her. Consumption of raw milk was an important part of this process. When she was 6½ she was eating raw cashews and peanuts without consequence. It is very rare to overcome a cashew nut anaphylaxis.

My youngest daughter developed severely pruritic eczema when she was about 9 months old. Some areas had an exudate and were lichenified. It was very distressing for the whole family. Her eczema showed signs of regression within 24 hours of consumption of raw milk. If I fed her pasteurised milk products her eczema would immediately flare up. Raw milk is an invaluable source of nutrition for her.

Bec Taylor BVSc, Brisbane

I stopped drinking milk because it made my head foggy. I was dizzy and unable to concentrate. I ended up with a chronic fatigue diagnosis. Then I found raw milk. I could drink it and I suffered no side effects—I was getting better. Now unable to obtain it, I am refraining from drinking any milk. Please return choice to us to have real food. I am greatly concerned for our country when corporations have control over our food and ultimately our health.

Jackie, Hastings, Victoria

Thankfully my family is very healthy but we switched to raw milk as part of eating traditionally. We have been consuming raw milk for three years without any problems. We love the way it sours naturally and keeps for well over a week, and that it tastes better than pasteurised milk.

Melissa, NSW

Raw milk cured my decade long lactose intolerance. Since being unable to access raw milk, and make raw cheese and yogurt, I feel bloated and run down. I feel if people can buy cigarettes, I should be allowed access to raw milk, which is freely available in most other countries.

 Jade Leak, Frankston area, Victoria

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What’s With Raw Milk? — Hayden Smith (Health Coach)

What is “raw” milk?
Why is it illegal?
Is it healthy?
What about the bacteria? 

A talk with health coach, and farmer, Hayden Smith, discussing her journey and understanding of the nutrition, politics, and safety of drinking raw milk.

Hayden Smith is a health coach, who is an advocate of healing the body with “real” and traditional foods. She studied micro/molecular biology, is currently pursuing her MS in Holistic Nutrition, and has a diverse involvement with her family’s farm (source).