The Zombie Apocalypse is here

... and it is not related to our addiction to mobile phones. 

Look at images synonymous with the Zombie Apocalypse. The earth underneath their feet is barren and stripped from a natural ecosystem, which means that they are deprived of a healthy microbiome as well; these people are depressed and immune compromised. 

Without healthy life in our environment and in our gut, what sort of life can we expect to have?

Gut flora accounts for up to 80 percent of immunity depending on which article you read. Australia is among the highest prescribers of antibiotics in the world according to this

article. With 46% of Australia’s population being prescribed antimicrobials in 2014 alone, what do you think the average Australian’s gut looks like in terms of microbial diversity? Science show we need diversity for health. We need to ‘re-wild’ our gut to regain health.

Unfortunately, the majority of the population has inadequate beneficial bacteria, excessive damaging bad bacteria, and a lack of bacterial diversity. Australians are among the sickest in the world according to an article published recently. Most Australians also do not have access to raw milk (produced for human consumption) to replenish the microbiome.

A recipe for disease and disaster is also a recipe for change

Overuse of antibiotics in a variety of forms

When there is balance the good microbes control, cultivate and keep the bad ones in check. When we take antibiotics everything is killed off and bad bacteria overgrows in an uncontrolled manner. An unbalanced gut flora (called dysbiosis) cause the gut lining to deteriorate and increase susceptibility to intestinal permeability (leaky gut). Many things have antibiotic properties these days, like industrially produced meat, -fish, -eggs, -vegetables, -fruit, -grains etc. Most pesticides act like antibiotics; they kill microbes. The video below explains why even the contraceptive pill has a devastating effect on the gut flora.

Chronic stress

When gut flora is destroyed people often develop anemia. Their loose their energy levels and they cannot tolerate stress or pressure. Chronic stress can alter digestive secretion, gut permeability, blood flow, sensitivity and even change bacterial composition.

A compromised gut exposes us to toxins and disease

A growing amount of babies today are born in a world where there is a huge overload of environmental toxins. In addition to that, many babies are born receiving abnormal gut flora from their mothers, which means they have a compromised constitution from day one. In the video below Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride explains why between 2020 and 2025 half of our babies born in english speaking countries will be diagnosed with autism. She says that graph will continue to climb because of ignorance to gut health.

According to the video microbes have the ability to neutralise and protect your body from cancer causing chemicals or toxic metals.

"These microbes have an ability to neutralise these chemicals, in fact they are the best neutralisers and detoxifying substances on the planet known to us."

In one of the videos at time marker 4:44 Dr. Natasha explains that gut bacteria are able to take ingested toxins, take hold of them and expel them from the body via stool. She mentions a study with two groups of rats, one with a normal gut flora and the other with diminished gut flora, in which both groups were given organic Mercury in their food. The group who had their gut flora destroyed by anti-biotics were not able to expel the toxins, instead absorbing it into their system.  


No access to beneficial bacteria

Without access to beneficial bacteria, we cannot heal our bodies. Gut flora heals and seals a leaky gut lining and stops the body from absorbing toxins and allergens. When the entry point is sealed up and the source of toxicity is stopped, the body can start to clean itself up. Dr. Natasha says that young children of two or three years old can be pulled out of autism with the GAPS system.

The documentary Autism Yesterday features five children recovering from autism.

People who are depressed don't produce enough serotonin or dopamine, she says. Those with intestinal problems produce little or almost none of these substances. Almost 100 percent of the body's serotonin and about 75 percent of dopamine are produced in the gut with the help of microbes. Mother Nature gave us our own factory to produce these essentials. Beneficial bacteria also produce and release B vitamins into the bloodstream as the body requires them. According to Dr. Natasha, this mechanism cannot be repeated with any supplement or food. She also explains how lack of beneficial bacteria in the gut can lead to drug addiction. From the 8:40 time marker of this video she explains how inflammatory disorders like Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and celiac disease start and can be healed with lots of beneficial bacteria and the GAPS protocol. Dr. Natasha says that all of these are curable when you work with nature, not with drugs. It's fascinating.

From the time marker 11:38 she explains how all auto-immune diseases are born in the gut whether it is rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis etc. Immunologists world-wide are now confirming this. 


At the 20:04 time marker Dr. Natasha explains why kids with abnormal gut flora are 'drug-addicts'. The drug is produced by their abnormal, pathogenic gut flora and it keeps them in a cycle of addiction and stagnation. She says that changing their diets can pull them out of it.

In another video from the 2:35 time marker, she explains how to use raw milk in the rehabilitation of the gut. The milk must be fermented as either kefir or yogurt, otherwise it feeds the wrong kind of bacteria. "Fermented, raw dairy products are truly lactose-free products and they are teeming with beneficial microbes, they are probiotic, and they have lactic acid in them, which is one of the best anti-septics for the digestive system. Lactic acid coming in with kefir or yogurt will kill all the pathogens, bring down candida and all sorts of things and replace them with beneficial microbes."

In this Tweet she says: “Damaged gut flora means bad bacteria, which loves iron; this makes sufferers deficient, resulting in anaemia.”

In another: “Good bacteria in our gut controls 500 different kinds of pathogenic (bad) microbes. If the good bacteria goes, the bad invariably takes advantage.”

Limited access to essential fatty acids

Access to foods high in a healthy ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 are not always easy to find in Australia. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in large quantities in wild-caught fish, pastured/free-range eggs, and meat from pastured animals, decrease inflammation and can help restore the gut lining. Certain foods provide all the necessary building blocks for the gut wall to give birth to trillions of new cells. The gut lining can rebuild itself, says Dr. Natasha.

Video:  Your health depends on your gut! Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explains the mostly unknown relationship between your gut flora and various illnesses, such as: allergies, chronic fatigue, autoimmune problems, autism, asthma, ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, mental illnesses, like depression, and many others. Thousands of case studies show how healing becomes possible by using common sense and adhering to traditional dietary convention. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Cambridge, England at the
21st International "New Scientific Outlook" World Congress 2016, Ulm, Germany.

Why is raw milk so politically incorrect?

Old Systems are dying and many industries know it. Some have been trying to prepare for it with the application of some extreme measures. If you follow Chef Pete Evans on social media, you will know that the media and some industry leaders have enjoyed pulling Pete and his team to pieces over suggesting that people cut out certain foods, introduce different ratios of others and also introduce certain nutrient-dense foods. What can we expect to happen when raw milk for human consumption is introduced?

Australians have a tradition that is not always serving us in a positive way. It is a cultural norm to donate huge amounts of money for research 'to find a cure'. Australians are responsible for growing many powerful research organisations, and inadvertently, the pharmaceutical industry to the size they are today. Many have also realised that some medicine and treatments don't necessarily create health and homeostasis in the long term. This has led to some making drastic dietary changes away from the social norm and

some have enjoyed amazing benefits in return. Citizens would like to continue to be able to enjoy choice and try alternatives for better health. 

Unfortunately there are so many mighty industries in Australia today for whom the introduction of raw milk for human consumption may be a threat. Some industries may see it as a threat to their market share. Others may see it as a threat to the profits of large company shareholders or investors.

Why have we not had much success in the past to legalise raw milk? Why are politicians still running for the hills when raw milk advocates approach them?

Is raw milk a threat to the status quo because it contains beneficial bacteria that may change the dynamics of making money in this country? Why can some people not embrace a spiritual maturity and a collective responsibility for all of humanity's wellbeing? Everything is connected.