Raw Milk: Newmarket Court Food Freedom Rally

“There’s been zero sickness.  Nobody got sick and this is actually a far superior product than what I think we can get in the store.  And to be honest I’m embarrassed that it’s gone on 22 years for Michael."

Approximately 300 supporters showed their support for their innate right to eat and drink foods of their own choice at the Food Freedom Rally for Michael Schmidt March 16th in Toronto, Canada with May, the cow.  For more information, read the articles under Related Articles at the bottom of this blogpost.


Quotes from the video:

“I don’t know of any other country in the world that would pursue an individual farmer producing food for small groups of people for 22 years, it’s just a total outrage.”  - David Gumpert

raw milk saved me from asthma
“Raw milk is important to me and my family for health reasons. I’m not actually able to consume regular mllk, it makes me sick and even my kids we tried giving them organic, pasteurised milk.  My son’s nose is running and it just wasn’t working out.  With the raw milk we don’t have any of those symptoms, so it is important for our health.”  -  Raw milk consumer
“We have to fight for our farmers, because if the government shuts them down there will be a huge gap in my kids' nutrition. She drinks 1 litre of raw milk a day and that’s what kept her safe from asthma.  And I’m willing to fight to the very end to get things right.” “The raw milk is our medical marijuana." -  Raw Milk consumer
safe raw milk.jpg
“I can’t drink pasteurised milk. My body does not accept it. I get cramps and stomach pains, so there is something that’s done to pasteurised milk that my body doesn’t like. So as a consumer, I would really like the freedom to buy raw milk.”  “I’ve had raw milk on numerous occasions and I have no issues whatsoever.  Raw milk has got enzymes and probiotics in it that helps me digest it, so my heath is good.  I have less colds.  I find my immune system is responding very well to it.  I like the whole issue of risk management, that’s what the regulations is about.  And I think we need pasteurisation for large scale production of milk but when it comes to the risk level of getting it straight from the farm, it’s very low.  The current regulations do not acknowledge the difference in risk between industrial scale production and farm milk.  So I think it is something that the government has to change, update their policies and regulations to reflect those two risk profiles or risk regimes. " - Raw milk consumer
“We are here, just everybody from everywhere to represent our innate right to eat, to drink, to live on, to grow on and to raise everybody in a healthy wholesome way that we know is good for us.  And that’s not a crime.  That is something that is a right.  And that’s what we are standing up for today."  - Masha Perrone

Video: Michael was fined $9,150 and placed on probation for a year. 9 Jun 2016