Farmers push to legalise Raw Milk

There have been a lot of buzz in the last four weeks about Raw Milk in Australia. The ABC interviewed raw milk producer Mark Tyler from Moo View Farm and produced this story for The Business that aired 28 March 2016.  Also interviewed is Dr. Ron Hull and UK raw milk producer Steve Hook.  More in these articles:  

Dairy farmer lead renewed push to legalise raw milk 

Farmers renew push to legalise raw milk.  (Video)

Thank you Emily Stewart for these great stories.

Video: This video is a shortened version of the video that aired on 28 March 2016 on Australian television. The original is no longer available for view.

raw milk for sale australia

Also raw milk dairy farmers Mark and Helen Tyler was fined $17 500 recently for operating a cow share plan.  They've been in and out of courtrooms over raw milk since 2013.  We believe it is not fair that our farmers be treated like criminals when many other countries around the world have created legal avenues for consumers to access raw milk.  Read more about it in the articles below.

This article from a Gold Coast online news publication dated 21 April 2016 say:

"After mounting pressure from farmers around the country, a trial to legalise the sale of raw milk to the public will begin later this year."

Will regulated raw milk be available to Aussies who choose to consume it soon? Or is it empty promises?