Raw Milk Institute: Learn how to write a RAMP plan


In Australia we have not received any indication from government about the possibility of a Raw Milk Industry and what the regulatory framework might look like. This leaves us free to investigate what the rest of the world is doing. ARMM recommends we follow the UK raw milk model, read more here.

It seems the British Colombia Government in Canada has stated that new law legalising raw milk will require raw milk farms to have on-farm food safety (OFFS) plans. According to the British Columbia Herdshare Association, raw milk is not being singled out - OFFS are already mandatory for all commercial dairy farmers in Canada and the government intends to expand this to all farms of any type. From the outside it seems like Canadians in different states are getting organised and creating their own new structures because government is failing to instigate them. Although ARMM is a consumer group, we would like to be helpful and point future raw milk producers to resources that might be of use to them.


The Raw Milk Institute is hosting an exciting FREE WEBINAR to teach how to write a RAMP plan. 

Edit:  the Free Webinar can now be viewed by clicking here.

"RAMP" stands for Risk Assessment and Management Plan, and the concept is at the heart of RAWMI's mission. All farmers who go through the LISTING process with RAWMI (based in California) prepare an on-farm RAMP plan for their farm. All the plans are different, taking into consideration the unique conditions of each farm, but the process of creating the RAMP plan is common to all. 

Ever since the founding of RAWMI, it has been the writing of the RAMP plan that has been identified as the single highest and hardest hurdle for RAWMI applicants to clear.

To help explain the process, Mark McAfee, the founder and CEO of the Raw Milk Institute, presents a webinar on how to write a RAMP plan.

As a farmer-friendly tool, the RAMP plan assures that, “from grass to glass,” risks have been identified, explained, and are continually managed. Farmers can feel confident that they are producing a safe product. Insurance carriers may even appreciate the risk management effort and allow renewal at lower rates. (Yes, this has happened for a few of the RAWMI LISTED farmers!)

What is a RAMP?

Consumers appreciate the delicious flavour, longer shelf-life, and the low risk profile of clean raw milk.   Knowing how the milk is being handled lets a consumer make an informed choice about raw milk consumption.  Farmers can show their RAMP plans along with test results to prove that they are taking care to produce a safe product.

Mark will explain the RAMP writing and assessment process in an easy to understand, step-by-step webinar.  Join him to take the mystery out of writing a RAMP plan.

The date is for Thursday 27 October, 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern / 7:00pm GMT.  This converts to


Friday 28 October 6:00am Melbourne time  


Please make your own investigations about what the time will be in your area.  We won't take responsibility if you miss it. www.timeanddate.com  Remember to save it in your calendar and share with others who may be interested.



Video:  Spend six minutes and learn about the importance of fresh, unpasteurized milk and what the Raw Milk Institute plans to accomplish. Visit us online at http://www.rawmilkinstitute.org.