Research project: Not for human consumption: The Risky Business of Raw Milk

Penny Wilson is a PhD student at ANU in Canberra looking at raw milk in Australia. She is interviewing people who drink it, who have drunk it and those who are or were producing raw milk. She's currently interviewing producers and drinkers in the region around Canberra and the surrounding NSW districts. But coming to Victoria in the first two weeks of December to speak to raw milk advocates and farmers. She is hoping that she can interview you about your raw milk stories. The interview only lasts between 30 - 45 minutes.

Penny came along to the last ARMM meeting in Collingwood and met many people there.  She is hoping to catch up with them while in Melbourne, and have had contact with some of the farmers since then. All in all, she would really love to interview about 10 raw milk advocates. Anyone who wants to be part of her research but who won't be around can still participate via Skype.

You can download her formal information sheet (in PDF format) and distribute it as you see fit. Penny should arrive in Melbourne on 30th November and will return to Canberra on 13th December.

Please contact Penny directly: or 0418 220 355

Click here to download formal information sheet.


Penny Wilson will present her final seminar on her research into the governance of raw milk.  Details here.