Urgent lobbying of State Health Ministers

We understand that the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation will meet on Friday November 20.

According to ABC online news, Health Ministers are considering a 'crackdown' on raw milk. Most States are represented by their Health Ministers at Forum meetings.

Please contact the relevant Minister(s) in your State. You will find them listed below.

Wondering what to say? Here are a few ideas:

  • You support the development of a safe raw milk industry in your State, guided by regulations developed from world best practice, as in New Zealand.
  • Raw milk is just as safe as pasteurised milk when produced according to world best practice.
  • Many Australian dairy farmers have produced safe raw milk for years. They know how to do it. All that's lacking are the regulations.
  • A regulated raw milk industry will lift the profitability of small family farms.
  • Personal health reasons why you/your family needs or benefits from raw milk.

Getting your message across: Australia Post, telephone, online contact forms, email.

(For more information about lobbying, please visit our LOBBY page.)

Membership of the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation

Click on the individual name/s of your local Minister highlighted in blue for contact details:


Mr Simon Corbell 

Minister for Health



Lead Minister:

The Hon Niall Blair, MLC  

Minister for Primary Industries


The Hon Jillian Skinner, MP  

Minister for Health



Lead Minister:

The Hon John Elferink, MLA 

Minister for Health



Lead Minister:

The Hon Cameron Dick, MP  

Minister for Health


The Hon Bill Byrne, MP 

Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries



Lead Minister:

The Hon Jack Snelling, MP  

Minister for Health and Ageing


The Hon Leon Bignell, MP 

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries



Lead Minister:

The Hon Michael Ferguson, MP  

Minister for Health



Lead Minister:

The Hon Jill Hennessy, MP 

Minister for Health


The Hon Jaala Pulford, MLC 

Minister for Agriculture



Lead Minister:

The Hon Dr Kim Hames, MB BS JP MLA 

Minister for Health


The Hon Ken Baston, MLC 

Minister for Agriculture and Food


Australian Government:

Senator the Hon Fiona Nash 

Minister for Rural Health


The Hon Barnaby Joyce, MP  

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources


New Zealand:

Hon Jo Goodhew 

Minister for Food Safety


Australian Local Government Association:

Mayor Troy Pickard