Mark McAfee article in The Weekly Times!

Raw Milk enthusiasts, we've got great news!

Today, The Weekly Times wrote an article about Mark McAfee's recent visit to Australia.  Simone Smith wrote a great piece, even mentioning the Australian Raw Milk Movement!

The article says that Mark spoke at our ('Learn how to lobby') event and also met with dairy industry organisations. "Following that meeting he told The Weekly Times he believe there was political will now in Australia to have the debate about the production of milk and milk products that have not been pasteurised."

Mark McAfee said the bittering agent (that was a required additive by law since January 1 in Victoria) was

“continuing the charade that bath milk is not consumed and people are taking a bath in it.”  "It is upsetting people and pissing them off.  I can guarantee you there is unlabelled milk (from farms) getting around at the moment." "When the black market is the only avenue you have got, you have got a real problem."

This article is worth lots of letters to the editor, tell readers what you agree with and why.  And send the story to people who need to be educated on the realities of a safe, regulated industry for Australia.