First Blog post!

Hi RAW MILK enthusiasts,

we have certainly come a long way since Jane Garrett - Member for Brunswick ordered that there be a gagging agent added to our Raw Milk from 1 February 2015 here in Victoria.  The Australian Raw Milk Movement was formed from a group of consumers and producers concerned about the erosion of our right to consume safe raw milk.  We have over 4500 signatures on our petition, our Facebook Page have nearly 4500 Likes and our YouTube channel have over 3500 views. 

We've had our say in front of Jane Garrett's office and at at the Eat Buy Grow rally.  ARMM volunteers worked hard to gather signatures for a petition that was tabled at the Victorian Parliament, we've discussed Raw Milk at length at our panel discussion night (with a microbiologist on our panel!) and recently we've had our Learn how to Lobby event with Mark McAfee!

Also, our hardworking and dedicated team created our ARMM Briefing Pack v2 and Lobby pack to arm our raw milk activists with all the information they may need, to say why Raw Milk should be legal.  We have also had the great privilege of having California raw milk producer, Mark McAfee, speak at our Learn how to Lobby event.  The event is recorded and available on our YouTube channel, so now everyone can listen to this brilliant Raw Milk expert, public educator and inspiring speaker.  

Even our Raw Milk producers had a generous 3 hour private session with Mark McAfee to strategise.

We are now at the stage where people are lobbying their MP's and saying why there is votes in supporting REAL MILK for those that choose it.

AND NOW WE HAVE A WEBSITE!  With the latest information about Raw Milk, to educate people on how very far behind Australia is on raw milk regulation. ARMM is moving ahead.

Thank you for your support!  And please spread the word to your friends.

ARMM Admin