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Regenerative Agriculture as one of the top censored news stories of 2018

According to Project Censored, Regenerative Agriculture as the "Next Stage" of Civilization is ranked 7th on a list of 25 of the top censored news stories of 2018.

Thunderstorm Asthma Inquest

This article questions if the coroner's inquest will be able to deliver real solutions. Australians can get caught up in details, miss a few truths, and then over-regulate to create safety.

Fair Regulations and Production Standards for Raw Milk

Consumers compare dignified systems supporting family farmers overseas to the absurd behaviours seen here. Rules should focus on creating quality control, not on regulating the raw product out of viability.

The Grass-fed Raw Milk Movement

Science now show 100% grass-fed, organic milk is superior. Butterfat from pasture-raised cows is a major source of healthy nutrients like Omega-3, CLA and fat soluble vitamins. 

Seeking solutions for the Australian dairy industry

Some very interesting information has come to light due to the Senate Inquiry into the Australian dairy industry. ARMM hopes this information will be of benefit in the process to more awareness.

Protective Components in Tasmanian devil milk fight superbugs

Researchers believe the milk of the Tasmanian devil can hold the key to fighting drug-resistant bacteria. This milk builds a strong immune system that protects the joeys from infection and pathogens. 

Raw Milk & vending machines save small family farms

In England there is legislation to support smaller dairy farmers in producing premium raw milk from healthy, grass-fed cows to mitigate risk.  ARMM calls on the Australian government to install similar legislation to save small family farms affected by the current dairy crisis. 

AFSA Legal Defence Fund Crowdfunding campaign

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 to support farmers facing stifling regulation on food standards.Last month the prosecution of Willunga SA dairy farmer Mark Tyler for providing raw milk triggered a strong reaction from members of AFSA who claim that government failure to keep up with innovation in small-scale local food production is damaging livelihoods and restricting consumer choice.

Raw Milk producers Hook and Son visit Australia

RAW MILK producers Stephen and Phil Hook came to Australia for a few days for the screening of the documentary film, The Moo Man, as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival.

4 Articles singing the praises of Raw Milk in Australia

Late 2014, four articles appeared in the news celebrating the value of Raw Milk in Australia and the contribution it has made to communities, small scale producers and consumers.  

'Killer Milk' news headlines

ARMM statistics show that we have visitors from many countries like the USA and Canada on our Facebook Page and website, who may not know our history.  In light of this, here is some information and links about these articles that appeared in our mainstream media late last year and some of their consequences.

Research project: Not for human consumption: The Risky Business of Raw Milk

Penny Wilson is a PhD student at ANU in Canberra looking at raw milk in Australia. She is interviewing people who drink it, who have drunk it and those who are or were producing raw milk. She's currently interviewing producers and drinkers in the region around Canberra and the surrounding NSW districts...

Raw Milk Symposium 2015

For consumers, legislators and regulators.  Find out why raw milk demand is growing at 25% per year.

CALIFORNIA – Raw milk advocates will meet Nov. 16 at the International Raw Milk Symposium in Anaheim, Calif. The Raw Milk Symposium will take place on the last day of the International Wise Traditions Conference...