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Ahimsa milk and the Hare Krishna

Ahimsa dairy hails from a culture that reveres the cow as sacred. Forget politics, what the world needs now is a revolution in consciousness. 

Australian Raw dairy farmer fined $50,000+

One of Australia's most ethical dairy farmers have been saddled with fines more than $50,000. What could possibly have justified such excessiveness and high-handedness and is it fair? 

Smiling Tree Farm Micro Dairy

Smiling Tree Farm micro-dairy have a small herd of only 7 Jersey cows who are grazed all year round on organically grown pasture. They eat grass, clover, wildflowers and a diverse mixture of highly nutritious herbs. 

The Calf at Foot Dairy - Suffolk

At this small boutique dairy, animal welfare and producing real food with compassion is high on the list. Owner Fiona Provan has realised her vision for compassionate, sustainable dairy farming. This unique model is made possible by the high value of RAW MILK in the UK.

Raw Milk in Hertfordshire

Raw milk has become a lifeline to farms in Hertfordshire that, without selling it, might otherwise go out of business. The Raw Milk revolution have given these dairy farmers an avenue to diversify in order to survive and some of them seem to thrive.

Raw Milk & vending machines save small family farms

In England there is legislation to support smaller dairy farmers in producing premium raw milk from healthy, grass-fed cows to mitigate risk.  ARMM calls on the Australian government to install similar legislation to save small family farms affected by the current dairy crisis. 

Delph House Farm and the Raw Milk Revolution

Delph House Farm’s owners Jeremy and Louise Holmes are passionate about their new venture selling raw milk from vending machines off the farm.  Jeremy admits that the experience has exceeded his expectations. 

Birchwood Farm Dairy - Raw Milk Producers

Since 1943, Birchwood Farm dairy have been producing Raw Milk and other unpasteurised dairy products for sale to the public.  The farm have been selling raw milk for over 70 years and although they were certified organic for 10 years, they have decided not to pursue certification anymore.  They still produce in the same fashion as they did when they were certified:  the dairy is 100% Jersey milk, no grains or GMO fed. 

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Raw Milk producers Hook and Son visit Australia

RAW MILK producers Stephen and Phil Hook came to Australia for a few days for the screening of the documentary film, The Moo Man, as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival.

Fen Farm Dairy - Raw Milk Producers

When the Crickmores of Fen Farm Dairy first considered diversifying with Raw Milk vending machines, it was conceived as risky and people said they were mad.  They brought in the first vending machine from Italy and now they are the UK representatives for the Italian vending machine company, DF Italia.  They are also helping others get a better price for their milk.