Six gallons of Raw Milk and a miracle

The story of how six gallons of raw milk has saved a woman from severe migraines.   (One US gallon equals about 3.8 litres.) Over a year ago she was emaciated, had a difficult time walking and could not speak.  She was driven to The Waldo Way farm by her mother, husband or sister, and each week she would purchase six gallons of Guernsey Gold milk.   Now she has regained her quality of life and restored her health. She holds down a job after joining the staff at the family farm. They hope her testimony can bring insight for others and perhaps relief to those who may be suffering with migraine headaches.  Raw milk is legal to purchase directly from the farm in the state of Texas, USA.

"A testimony of healing thanks to what they call the Golden Guernsey Girls."

On the 15th of May, ARMM shared this story on our Facebook Page and there was a lot of interest. Now you can read the original Facebook post, watch a new video of the story produced by a local Texas news station and read the Stanton Migraine Protocol article below.


Kristen's Six Gallons of Guernsey Raw Milk; and a miracle

Over a year ago a young woman came to the farm. She was emaciated, had a difficult time walking and could not speak. Driven to the farm by her mother, husband or sister, each week she would purchase six gallons of our Guernsey Gold milk . 

After a few months, I noticed that she was walking better, we would have a very brief conversation and she would leave with her six gallons of milk. I was happy that she seemed to be better but, curious as to what was her "story". 

A few more months past by and I saw a very different woman than the one who entered my store in the beginning. I had to asked the question, I had to know, what was her story? During one of her weekly visits for her "six" gallons of milk, I stated, "you are a different person than when you first came to our farm, what is your story"? 

Her story: Kristen had a head injury in 2000. Afterward, she began suffering from migraine headaches. They became so unbearable and persistent that she had to leave her teaching profession. For six years she was bed-ridden and had virtually little, if any, quality of life. She was literally on every medication known for migraines such as oxycontin and morphine. Some medications that she had taken were causing early Parkinson-like symptoms to develop, namely muscle weakness, tremors, and difficulty with speech. She vomited everyday leaving her weak and severely underweight. 

Kristen tried all types of diets to help ease her pain including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, she had a neuro-stimulator placed in her brain for pain control, she tried acupuncture, chiropractors, essential oils, oxygen therapy, magnesium drips, vitamin C drips, and none of these helped relieve the unbearable relentless pain that she endured everyday. Kristen would virtually lay in ice packs, in a dark room wearing sunglasses but yet none of these therapies gave her notable relief. 

When she was admitted last summer to Southwestern her blood pressure was out of control because of her pain level and the neurologist stated, "this was the worst case of migraine headaches they had ever seen". All resources had been exhausted. Well, perhaps not all of them. It was during this hospital stay when her husband, Mark discovered some valuable information; Dr. Angelia Stanton, a neuroscientist, and her migraine protocol. 

While she was in the hospital, Mark began this protocol for Kristen. The essence of Dr. Stanton's protocol is to increase dietary "good" fats and balance electrolytes. Her protocol for Kristen was to drink one gallon of milk each day. Yes, one gallon of milk each day and that Kristen did. Mark, knew about The Waldo Way and this is when our farm became part of her story. 

Almost a year has past and Kristen has regained a quality of life that she so deserves, she does not wake every morning vomiting, she can walk, she can talk, she has little pain these days and she has a testimony of what the Guernsey Raw Milk can do. Guernsey raw milk has the perfect sodium/potassium balance, the electrolytes, and healing saturated fats that are needed for her to remain migraine free. 

Her quality of life is such that she can hold down a job these days. We are thrilled to introduce Kristen to you for she has joined The Waldo Way Dairy Farm Staff. We cannot express how grateful we are for her restored health and for being a part of our farm family. When you come to visit, please do welcome her. 

We are hopeful that her testimony can bring insight for others and perhaps give relief to those who may be suffering with migraine headaches. Kristen had an incredible journey with pain, has an amazing testimony of healing, and yearns to share her story with those who are in need of help. In addition, her father is a veterinarian and she worked in his practice for years. Having said this, she has a great working knowledge and love for animals, which is a good fit for working with our Guernsey Gold Girls. Miracles do happen; Kristen had one. As always, abundant blessings, Ris~ 

Post Script: If interested Dr. Stanton's FB site is, "Migraine Sufferers Who Want to be cured". Kristen no longer needs medications for migraines and is making plans to have the neuro-stimulator removed this summer. 

Post Post Script: A few months ago Kristen's twin sister, Erica came to the farm and she said to me, "Ris, thank you for your farm and for being here". And I replied, "oh, you are welcome". Erica, then said, "Ris, I really mean it, you see, you gave my sister back to me". Once again, I was reminded and thankful for my humble missionary farm work.


Video:  Each week, The Waldo Way Dairy Farm produces 400 gallons of raw milk from Guernsey cows and each week, at least six of those gallons go home with Kristen Cassimatis, their newest employee.


Video:  The pride in what The Waldo Way Dairy Farm in Mineola calls their "golden" product is what makes them unique. However, their story is what KETK thinks might make them so special.

Owner NaRisa (Ris) and son Trenton of The Waldo Way dairy farm with the Golden Guernsey Girls.

Owner NaRisa (Ris) and son Trenton of The Waldo Way dairy farm with the Golden Guernsey Girls.

The Waldo Way Farm Robotic Dairy

In October 2017, the Texas Country Reporter published this 6 minute story featuring the robotic dairy machine.

In February 2018 Cara Prichard produced another beautiful story about the first robotic dairy farm in the state of Texas. A cows are now able to walk into the system that operate 24/7. The robotic arm will actually clean and milk each cow, then test each batch of milk that comes through. See the video below: 

Raw milk is legal to sell from the farm gate in Texas only but now a petition started by Trenton in February 2018 has led to the Department of State Health Services giving people the opportunity to voice their opinion. It a few short days there were more than a thousand signatures.

If you want to learn more about how the robotic milker works, click here to see a 6 minute story produced by the Texas Country Reporter in October 2017.

The Waldo Way dairy farm