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A response to a concerned doctor regarding Raw Milk consumption

This was a recent response written to a concerned doctor regarding raw milk consumption. It was written by Mark McAfee who is the CEO at Organic Pastures dairy in Fresno, California. 

'Killer Milk' news headlines

ARMM statistics show that we have visitors from many countries like the USA and Canada on our Facebook Page and website, who may not know our history.  In light of this, here is some information and links about these articles that appeared in our mainstream media late last year and some of their consequences.

Support Michael Schmidt and Food Freedom

We've seen many recent news articles written about Michael and the Glencolton farm share holders, around their fight for Food Freedom and Raw Milk. They have been accused of, harassed and charged with many things, and some news articles have told a very one sided, biased version.  Now listen to Michael tell their compelling side of the story in this press conference...

Posted on December 5, 2015 and filed under Raw Milk.