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Ending the War on Artisan Cheese and the Movement to Protect Integrity and Secure Access

There is a growing movement to appreciate and protect artisan cheese heritage, against the pressure to industrialise, and the foisting of restrictive food safety regulations ill-suited to the needs, and conditions of small-scale dairy producers.

What raw milk cheeses will we be able to buy in the future?

Australian food authorities announced strict new import controls on all imported raw milk cheese, and the only one 'officially' recognised as permitted for sale seem to be Roquefort.

The exquisite 'terroir' of raw dairy

With good farming practises dairy farmers cultivate unique beneficial microbes on their farms that can add value as it expresses in a desirable cheese or high quality raw milk. That's real value.

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day - an annual event

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day has become a much loved annual event world-wide sharing unique flavour, 'terroir', and traditional cheesemaking practises. Find out where you can participate and become a turophile (cheese lover).

The Value of Traditional Raw Milk Cheeses

The Microbiology of Raw Milk demonstrates that traditional cheesemaking methods with natural microbial diversity are indeed much safer. Rather than subverting modern food safety targets, this approach may actually help cheese producers to achieve them.