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Ending the War on Artisan Cheese and the Movement to Protect Integrity and Secure Access

There is a growing movement to appreciate and protect artisan cheese heritage, against the pressure to industrialise, and the foisting of restrictive food safety regulations ill-suited to the needs, and conditions of small-scale dairy producers.

Ty Llwyd Farm - Long Island Raw Milk

David, Liz and son Chris Wines operate this family farm in Northville, New York, on the north fork of Long Island. The Riverhead, New York state farm began selling regulated, unpasteurized milk in 2011 and is currently the only raw milk dairy on Long Island.

Old Hall Farm in Norfolk - A cow with calf micro dairy

Old Hall Farm is a micro dairy of Jersey cows that started selling raw milk in May 2017. The Mayhews saw it as an opportunity to diversify. They are now selling milk at the farm gate and at the farmers market. 

Gelli Farm gets first Welsh raw milk vending machine

Gelli Farm has diversified by selling raw milk from pedigree Ayrshire cows via the vending machine. After a long period of low milk prices they realised that making a change was crucial to avoid selling their beautiful herd of Ayrshire cows.

Raw dairies keep farming and show resilience

Sustainable farming is under pressure, however farmers keep farming because they get immense satisfaction from being in harmony with nature. Customers love the nutrient-dense food they provide.

Hiltonbury Jerseys in Hampshire

According to the Food Standards Agency the main benefit of selling raw milk direct is for farmers to get a fairer price for the milk. It is produced under strict quality procedures and sold direct to the consumer.

Weir's Organic Raw Milk wins Balmoral Show award

Weir's Organic Raw Milk was named Best Food and Drink product at the Balmoral show, Northern Ireland's biggest food and farming event. The show attracted over 100,000 people from all over the UK.

Home Farm in Elwick

Brothers Andrew and Henry Sturrock started to sell raw drinking milk in August 2016 from the raw milk vending machine direct to the public.

The farm was one of the first in the area to diversify with the DF Italia vending machine supplying raw, unpasteurised milk to the community. He bought the machine after seeing a story on the BBC's Countryfile about Suffolk Fen Farm Dairy, who was the distributor for the vending machine at the time (the story is not available for view in Australia). Another reason why Andrew decided to diversify is because of the low farm gate prices paid for milk. According to

this article, Home Farm is also within close proximity to the village of Hartlepool being just off the A19, and the cows can be seen from the road grazing in the field. The 150-cow herd is milk twice daily, is filtered and chilled to three degrees and then it’s put into the vending machine every night.

Andrew said that the reaction from customers have been very positive. People love the taste and keep coming back. Customers have a choice between glass and plastic in one or two litre bottles. They simply put their money in and push a button to fill up. They are the only vendors of raw milk in the Teeside and Country Durham area. Watch the TeesideLive story below:

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