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Ty Llwyd Farm - Long Island Raw Milk

David, Liz and son Chris Wines operate this family farm in Northville, New York, on the north fork of Long Island. The Riverhead, New York state farm began selling regulated, unpasteurized milk in 2011 and is currently the only raw milk dairy on Long Island.

Old Hall Farm in Norfolk - A cow with calf micro dairy

Old Hall Farm is a micro dairy of Jersey cows that started selling raw milk in May 2017. The Mayhews saw it as an opportunity to diversify. They are now selling milk at the farm gate and at the farmers market. 

There is an exciting Agriculture & Consumer Values Revolution in progress

We have a farming and economic revolution on the way, and most raw milk supporters don’t even know that they have something to be excited about. Many people feeling quite depressed about our food supply, farming systems etc.

Consumer Funded Study: Does raw milk cheese prevent osteoporosis?

Milk builds strong bones, but raw dairy may also prevent bone loss (osteoporosis). This 100% consumer funded study by Johns Hopkins University wants to look at raw cheese and its effect on osteoporosis.

Delph House Farm and the Raw Milk Revolution

Delph House Farm’s owners Jeremy and Louise Holmes are passionate about their new venture selling raw milk from vending machines off the farm.  Jeremy admits that the experience has exceeded his expectations.