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Februdairy and the power of Social Media and Authentic Expression

We are approaching the midpoint of #FebruDairy 2019. Social media is a powerful social indicator of what people feel passionate about. Some dairy stories are going viral so far, and with reason.

The exquisite 'terroir' of raw dairy

With good farming practises dairy farmers cultivate unique beneficial microbes on their farms that can add value as it expresses in a desirable cheese or high quality raw milk. That's real value.

Fen Farm Dairy - Raw Milk Producers

When the Crickmores of Fen Farm Dairy first considered diversifying with Raw Milk vending machines, it was conceived as risky and people said they were mad.  They brought in the first vending machine from Italy and now they are the UK representatives for the Italian vending machine company, DF Italia.  They are also helping others get a better price for their milk.