New NZ raw milk regulations - Summary

   Image:    One of the many raw milk vending machines that dispense raw milk at a farm shop in rural New Zealand

Image:  One of the many raw milk vending machines that dispense raw milk at a farm shop in rural New Zealand

New Raw milk regulations take effect today 1 March 2016 in New Zealand, with more to take effect on 1 Nov 2016.  Based on the information from the Ministry for Primary Industries', Food and websites (links at the bottom of the this blogpost), here is a summary of what the new regulations generally mean for the consumer.  Food minister Jo Goodhew already announced the Government's decision on 18 June 2015.

"From 1 March 2016, raw milk can be sold directly from the farmer to consumers either at the farm or via home deliveries provided suppliers meet strict food safety criteria. These requirements aim to better manage the risks to public health, while recognising the demand for raw milk among urban and rural consumers." 

  • Farmers will need to be registered with MPI to sell raw milk
  • Raw milk must be home-delivered or bought at the farm
  • Raw milk for home delivery is pre-ordered
  • Home deliveries require someone to be home to receive the milk and put it in the fridge
  • Collection points for the consumer will no longer be allowed
  • Labels must highlight the health risks and warnings to high-risk groups - such as the young, pregnant, elderly or immune compromised
  • Raw milk cannot be resold, it is for household use only
  • Consumers will be asked for contact details (name, address and phone number) along with the volume sold and date of sale
  • Unlimited quantity of raw milk can be bought (no more 5 litre per person per day limitations)

Please see the Resources for more details and information on how new regulation affects raw milk producers. The Ministry for Primary Industries has produced a set of educational material on social media about what they consider the risks of unpasteurised milk for pregnant women, young children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, like this video.

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