Coroner's Findings

Many of you have heard that the Coroner has released findings in relation to the child that passed away in 2014 due to the alleged consumption of raw milk. Read the coroner's report here.

It's time to act on raw milk

There has never been a greater need to unshackle dairy farmers from the ban on raw milk. Australian consumers are demanding raw milk for health reasons. Industry and regulators need to sit down and work out a regulatory framework for Australia. 

Australian dairy farmers and consumers are getting a very raw deal

Change the rule mandating pasteurisation of all farm milk, as it has no scientific basis in public health and causes an unlevelled playing field. Australia's current dairy regulations benefit processors and retailers, while disadvantaging farmers and consumers.

Raw milk: legalise and regulate in Australia using world best practice by Dr. Ron Hull

Australia needs to modernise its dairy food regulations to legalise and regulate the sale of safe raw milk to satisfy the existing consumer demand. The recent punitive measures taken by state governments against dairy farmers to prevent the sale of raw milk are counter-productive and will encourage a black market with its inherent problems.