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Weston A. Price Australian Tour 2019 with Holistic Hilda

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The US-based Weston A. Price Foundations’ Wise Traditions podcaster Holistic Hilda will be touring Australia soon to retrace the footsteps of Dr. Weston A. Price, 85 years after his pioneering studies of ancestral health in Australia and other countries. Hilda is a mother of four, certified health coach, fitness professional, WAPF podcast host and consultant.

The goal for her month-long journey funded by her supporters is two-fold: to investigate what ancestral health practices are still being kept here and to give presentations about the wisdom of living in accordance with the wise traditions of the past. The aim is to reveal the vital role of nutrient-dense whole foods in healthy childhood development, mental health, and wellbeing, and chronic disease prevention.

Hilda Labrada Gore is collaborating with several Weston. A. Price Foundation chapter leaders and others in Australian cities in order to connect with communities here. According to her website, she will be interviewing indigenous people, taking to health experts, and connecting with the sustainable living community Down Under.

Holistic Hilda in Melbourne 2019:

  • Indigenous Food Feast

    Date: 31 August

    Venue: Charcoal Lane, 136 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065

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  • Honeybee Hive Tour: Saving bees to save our future

    Date: 1 September

    Venue: Buda Historic Home & Garden, Castlemaine, Vic

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  • Meat Matters: How farm animals can save our health and planet

    Date: 3 September

    Venue: Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Helliers Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, 3067

    Description: Panel event featuring Belinda Fettke (No Fructose), Louise Stephen (author of Eating Ourselves Sick), & Tammi Jonas (Jonai Farms & Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance), and host Lorraine Pratley (Casey Natural Health Care).

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Holistic Hilda in Sydney 2019:

Other Australian events:

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Learn about Hilda’s journey in Dr Ron Ehrlich’s interview.