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Symbiotic Earth documentary

Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis rocked the boat and started a scientific revolution is a feature length documentary which presents a portrait of the great scientist and teacher Lynn Margulis who was at the helm of a significant paradigm shift in biology that affects how we look at ourselves, evolution, and planet Earth. Lynn Margulis traveled extensively, networking with collaborators in the sciences and humanities on ideas that stress the importance of symbiosis among all living things from bacteria to Gaia. Filmmaker John Feldman has interviewed many of these world famous scientists and thinkers. His film will bring to the general public these revolutionary ideas.Lynn Margulis, a courageous evolutionist and geoscientist, died unexpectedly of a stroke in November of 2011. A lively, personable, and down-to-earth scientist, her pioneering ideas cast doubt on accepted scientific “dogma” and challenged the establishment.  She triumphed over ridicule, scorn, and chauvinism. Also see this article:  Farming is all about microbes.

Carlton, Victoria. Buy tickets here.

Watch the documentary trailer here.

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