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"Producing World-Class Raw Milk" Training

Speakers: Mark McAfee and Sarah Smith of RAWMI, and local herdshare community members

Sponsored by: The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) and the BC Herdshare Association

Date: Sunday, September 8, 2019

Time: 12 noon to 4 p.m. Registration available at the door.

Place: Parksville Community Centre, 132 Jensen Ave E, Parksville, BC, in the Arbutus/Garry Oak Rooms

Cost: No charge, but donations welcome to help cover room rental cost. (RAWMI is a registered charity in the U.S., and donations are tax-deductible against US income.)


There are two types of raw milk. Raw milk produced for the processor is different from clean safe milk produced by best practices for people to consume fresh. You’re invited to a gathering hosted by the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI), a non-profit dedicated to educating dairy farmers in the safe production of raw milk.

They will discuss Grass-to-Glass optimization of raw milk production, which results in low-risk, safe raw milk which benefits both the consumers and the farmers. These recent developments in HACCP-based “best practices” help prevent foodborne disease outbreaks. Clean milk doesn’t need to be pasteurized.

The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) has trained hundreds of raw milk farmers in the United States and Canada. The training is FREE for the farmers, and has been shown to reduce outbreaks and illnesses, increase safety, and lower insurance costs. RAWMI training means that raw milk can be safely legalized in Canada without increasing outbreak rates.

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