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Hare Krishna! The Film

This film is finally coming to Australia after opening in the USA in June!

It is about an unassuming 70 year old Swami who went to America with no money or support. He found himself in the turbulent 1960's and he ignited the worldwide cultural revolution of spiritual consciousness known as the Hare Krishna movement.

"His teachings on caring for the earth, of respect, of compassion, of living a life without greed or exploitation are exactly the messages that the world needs to hear today."

ARMM is sharing this because of a recent article we've shared about slaughter-free, Ahimsa milk and the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation in England who produce the raw milk for human consumption. Ahimsa means non-violence. Our article has seen phenomenal interest in the last 31 days with just under 500 views.

Article:  Ahimsa Milk and the Hare Krishna

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