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Farmers over Pharmacies

Below is a series of powerful video stories produced by California based motivational speaker Mark McAfee.

Mark and his family have been part of the real food movement for over seventeen years. Their business Organic Pastures produce certified raw dairy products under a regulated system for over 600 stores, 17 farmers markets around California and via an online store. They experience the consumer connection as magical because they have the privilege of hearing first hand from consumers about the healing effects of raw milk. There have been many videos where Mark shared what he was told by consumers, scientists or researchers, but this is different. Farmers over Pharmacies is his personal journey to connect the farmer to the people. He has been working on this project for almost a year and eventually there will be 12 videos in the series. Mark is also one of the founding members of The Raw Milk Institute who develop and provide raw milk food safety standards, farmer education and farmer-to-farmer mentoring to safely expand the growing raw milk movement.

For more information visit his YouTube channel or Facebook page. He has given permission to the Australian Raw Milk Movement to share these stories here. Thank you Mark.

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"Farmers over Pharmacies is an educational outreach YouTube Channel that is dedicated to “reconnecting food to medicine”. Farmers over Pharmacies interviews: scientists, researchers, consumers, doctors, farmers and others in its search for answers. We believe that doctors must have an expanded toolbox that includes food as a preventative and healing part of their practice if the future of medicine is going to be affordable and or sustainable. We believe that consumers are entitled to know and embrace their options when it comes to food as a healing and preventative part of medicine. Compassion, humanity, health before wealth and a stronger healthier world for all…. are foundational tenants to our purpose." 

"Hippocratic Oath and Quotes to live by: 
-   1st Do no harm… 
-   All disease begins in the GUT… 
-   Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!"

"Food is the real medicine."