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Farmer suicide and examples of Hope and Recovery

It is the social connection with the consumer on the farm that is missing. Here are some beautiful examples of the benevolence that ends farmer social isolation and economic disadvantage.

Gut Rehab

Dr. Michael Mosley is touring Australia with his new book. Science now demonstrate the profound link between the the microbiome and the immune system and how we can take matters into our own hands.

Soil ecology and nutrient-dense food

"Most of the diseases are nutritionally related to the fact that we don't have the trace elements in our bodies that we need for our immune systems to work. The reasons why we don't have the trace elements is because our soils are not functioning anymore..." 

Thunderstorm Asthma? Is The Killer Storm avoidable?

Mass hysteria erupted in a matter of minutes as thousands were gasping for air in a mass asthma outbreak around Melbourne. Nine people died. There has never been an outbreak as catastrophic as this one anywhere in the world.

Fair Regulations and Production Standards for Raw Milk

Consumers compare dignified systems supporting family farmers overseas to the absurd behaviours seen here. Rules should focus on creating quality control, not on regulating the raw product out of viability.

Protective Components in Tasmanian devil milk fight superbugs

Researchers believe the milk of the Tasmanian devil can hold the key to fighting drug-resistant bacteria. This milk builds a strong immune system that protects the joeys from infection and pathogens. 

Melbourne is food allergies capital of the world?

... and Victoria is the state with the most draconian anti-raw milk regulation? It is also the state crying out the most for access to raw cow's milk for human consumption. And it is the state where dairy farmers are most in debt and despair due to the dairy crisis! 

AFSA Legal Defence Fund Crowdfunding campaign

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 to support farmers facing stifling regulation on food standards.Last month the prosecution of Willunga SA dairy farmer Mark Tyler for providing raw milk triggered a strong reaction from members of AFSA who claim that government failure to keep up with innovation in small-scale local food production is damaging livelihoods and restricting consumer choice.

Raw Milk producers Hook and Son visit Australia

RAW MILK producers Stephen and Phil Hook came to Australia for a few days for the screening of the documentary film, The Moo Man, as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival.

4 Articles singing the praises of Raw Milk in Australia

Late 2014, four articles appeared in the news celebrating the value of Raw Milk in Australia and the contribution it has made to communities, small scale producers and consumers.  

'Killer Milk' news headlines

ARMM statistics show that we have visitors from many countries like the USA and Canada on our Facebook Page and website, who may not know our history.  In light of this, here is some information and links about these articles that appeared in our mainstream media late last year and some of their consequences.

Mark McAfee article in The Weekly Times!

Raw Milk enthusiasts, we've got great news!

Today, The Weekly Times wrote an article about Mark McAfee's recent visit to Australia.  Simone Smith wrote a great piece, even mentioning the Australian Raw Milk Movement!...

Urgent lobbying of State Health Ministers

We understand that the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation will meet on Friday November 20.

According to ABC online news, Health Ministers are considering a 'crackdown' on raw milk. Most States are represented by their Health Ministers at Forum meetings...